We all need time to reset, heal, listen to our heart. This is why we are going back to the Feathered Pipe Ranch outside of Helena, MT this June. You don’t want to miss this!



Tuesdays 5:15 – 7pm, Starting January 18th

8 sessions to let go of the stuggle (helloooo toddlers) + find more ease through practical, easy to apply tools that completely change the confidence and knowing you have a as parent.



 KIDS YOGA SUMMER CAMPS Ages 3-5 + Ages 5-11

Let your child shine + spend quality time being themselves this summer, learning social skills, gross + fine motor skills as well as emotional well-being.

Together the group will enjoy a yoga circle each day, time to free-play, opportunities to learn practical skills – like putting on our shoes, walking in a group, sharing with + helping others  or  using your breath to help you, how to relax, share + be confident –  along with special age appropriate songs, crafts + projects.

June + July + August Camps

Monday, Tuesday + Wednesday 9am-12pm for ages 3-5  OR  9-330pm for ages 5-11


Prenatal Yoga

We provide expecting parents knowledge and community during all stages of pregnancy. Ease the aches + pains, feel connected to your baby. Our various prenatal offerings will give you a community of moms to connect with

*virtual options*

Postpartum + Baby Yoga

Get some much needed TLC for your postpartum body with a community of others going through it too. In baby yoga, learn moves to bond with baby. In postpartum yoga, babies are welcome to lie beside you while you practice

Kids Yoga (ages 1.5-3)

Toddlers get to explore our kids room while moving their bodies in healthy ways. They’ll llearn to explore their breath + emotions, be amonsgt their peers, and enjoy dedicated teachers to guide them into their peaceful place

Kids Yoga (ages 5-11)

Our elementary kids ages 5-11 love this time to let loose, practice poses, learn about their body, and enjoy group activities + games. And their favorite part? Savasana! Time to lay back and feel deply relaxed.

Family Yoga

Bring yourself and your 1-5yr olds to do yoga with us!  This fun family song and yoga circle gives kids aged 1-5 time to explore their bodies and voice in a fun, easy-going group atmosphere while feeling deeply connected to their caregivers

All Levels + Restorative Yoga

Sink into the ultimate relaxation + feel your body melt away stress. Increase your flexibility and feel yourself receive deep nourishment, to balance all the giving you do throughout the week.

*virtual option*


Get the support you need during pregnancy + through labor. You’ll both learn different stress-relief + pain-management tricks at this workshop!

“My husband Brian and I attended Jess’ workshop when I was in my first trimester. Even though I’ve wanted kids my whole life, I found myself a little untethered and nervous during that time in my pregnancy- so many new feelings and physical sensations… I was a little lost. Jess’ workshop was extremely helpful to me. It provided me with great grounding tools for emotional and physical relief. Through Jess’ guidance, my husband was engaged and participatory in helping me feel calm and powerful- a trait I’ve seen him continue throughout my pregnancy. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and we are still using the techniques and exercises we learned from Jess. As a teacher she is centered, knowledgeable, peaceful and reassuring. Her expertise is clearly communicated and extremely helpful. This workshop is an incredible resource for both pregnant mamas and their partners!” – Katie D.


No yoga experience needed.

Sunday Jan 30 at 3-4:30pm⠀
At Our Yoga Family (407 W Main St)⠀
Taught by Jess Cartwright⠀

email hello@ouryogafamily.com to discuss a private session


We offer a full schedule of in person classes, however we understand some families want to stay virtual for now. So we’re still using zoom to offer LIVE  adult classes a few times per week. Look for VIRTUAL in front of the class name & ZOOM as the room. Then sign-up & pay for class like you normally do with the current schedule



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Bozeman’s Premier Family Yoga Studio

Our Yoga Family has yoga

for your whole family including: 

Prenatal. Postpartum. Toddler. Family.

We make yoga accessible to families with young children. We know how hard it can be to get your own practice in when you have a baby or child at home that you have to practice with or get care for. That’s why we created a space for parents + kids to share!


“Becca’s classes are always the best way to start my day! She ensures everyone in her classes are centered and aligned during her epic slow flows, that get you just sweaty enough. My husband and I both love how amazing we feel when we leave. Becca’s smile and style can’t be beat, she’s the absolute best!”

My daughter took a kids class with Deneen. She felt so relaxed and at ease afterwards. She said her favorite part of the class was the stretching and mediation. Kids are so stressed these days and their schedules are jam packed with activities. If you want to put your kids in an activity, I believe this is a great one that will teach them the skills they need to manage the world. And we just LOVE Deneen, she is amazing with kids!!”


What People Say About Our Classes

Such a beautiful studio. The kid’s instructors are excellent. My daughter was beaming with joy after her first class. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone in the family all about the yoga poses she learned. Initially she was really hesitant to join in but it didn’t take long for her to warm up. We are really excited for our daughter to be a part of the community here and now I want to join in on the adult classes!


Great vibes and great energy from everyone on their staff. They provide an experience that will add value to you and your family!


“Jess has been my doula as well as my yoga instructor through pregnancy and postpartum. She is hands down one the most amazing people you will meet. … her energy vibes with female empowerment and I always feel like a goddess after leaving her presence… she also isn’t afraid to be raw and share many of her own real life struggles in order to let you know you aren’t alone. She’s simply an incredible human and a gem in this community!”

I found Our Yoga Family during my first pregnancy and their prenatal yoga classes became such a haven for my mind and body. We have continued to participate in their mom yoga classes and kid music classes. It is such a warm and inviting space for us to be ourselves and meet people going through the same walk of life we are.