Find us at the Bozeman Beach every Friday at 330pm + 530pm for an adventurous, fun + relaxing SUP yoga class on the water!

4 Fridays in a row – July 9 – July 30


ages 5-11

This summer we plan to be outside for lots of fun under the shade of trees & in the sun!

Each summer camp week is 3 days long, Monday – Wednesday from 9am-3pm!

Class size is 5 kids. Sign-up Now To Reserve Your Spot




We understand some families want to stay virtual for now. So we’re still using zoom to offer LIVE  adult classes a few times per week. Look for VIRTUAL in front of the class name & ZOOM as the room. Then sign-up & pay for class like you normally do with the current schedule



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Bozeman’s Premier Family Yoga Studio

Our Yoga Is

Yoga For The Whole Family

We make yoga accessible to people of all ages at all stages of life, starting from yoga during pregnancy until your kids are ready for high-school

Our Yoga specializes in Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Yoga, Kid’s Yoga and other healing yoga classes for your body

Like a new family, we are growing and we look forward to growing with you

Our Classes

Prenatal Yoga

We provide expecting parents knowledge and community during all stages of pregnancy. This 3x a week virtual class will give you a community of moms to connect with

Baby Yoga

From the moment we are born we are learning to connect with and value our body, so we provide a knowledgeable, relaxed atmosphere to connect with baby

You & Me Yoga

Bring yourself and your 2-5yr olds to do yoga at the parks this summer (most Sat @ 930am)!  This fun family song and yoga circle gives kids aged 2-5 time to explore their bodies and voice in a fun, easy-going group atmosphere

Kids Yoga

Our elementary kids ages 5-9 love this time to let loose, learn about their body, enjoy group activities and games but most of all lay back and relax in this 30min virtual class

Flow Slow & Ground

This hour long virtual class for adults gives you time to breathe, move your body gently one breathe at a time to find a sense of easy, grace and flow to your movement. And it is still great for people ages 10+, so bring the family!

Flow Slow & Restore

Grab all the make-shift props you can find at home and take an hour, with or without your family, to move gentle and end with some restorative yoga to bring you back to balance


A Your Yoga Sister Studio

Your Yoga in Bozeman has been preaching “Yoga For Everyone” at an affordable rate – no joke ! – and now we are joining in on The Mission. We are helping make sure families, with teens, children, down to just-walking and talking little ones and and including grandparents (coming soon!) have the opportunity to afford to indulge in a little self-care. Come find your relaxation in an enriching, judgment-free and comforting space

Your First 2 weeks Trial Rate

Family (2 People) $55

Individual $30

VIrtual Class by Class

Drop-in $15    |    5 Class Pass $65    |    10 Class Pass $120

MONTHLY Unlimited virtual MEMBERSHIPS (on autopay)

Family (2 people) $105 per month

Adult $70 per month

Youth / Student / Senior $50 per month

**PLUS, while we are virtual YOU GET A RECORDING OF EACH PRENATAL OR SLOW FLOW CLASS YOU SIGN-UP FOR that you can watch for up to 72hrs!**

“Becca’s classes are always the best way to start my day! She ensures everyone in her classes are centered and aligned during her epic slow flows, that get you just sweaty enough. My husband and I both love how amazing we feel when we leave. Becca’s smile and style can’t be beat, she’s the absolute best!”

“Jess is so much more than a yoga instructor! She is a guiding light through the good times and bad. Yes, her classes are the absolute best – but it’s her soul that always makes me want more of her! I would recommend her services to anyone!”

What People Say About Our Classes

“Becca’s classes are a gift, and many of the aspects of yoga I now value most I learned as her student. Her presence is so natural and genuine […] Becca’s classes are physically challenging, mentally and emotionally invigorating, while simultaneously restful, serene, and healing. Her guided mediations are somehow always exactly what I need to hear, whether a reassurance, or a suggestion for a thought or feeling to reflect on. It is through Becca’s instruction and encouragement that I have found yoga as a lifelong healing practice, and for that I will always be grateful.”

“Jess has been my doula as well as my yoga instructor through pregnancy and postpartum. She is hands down one the most amazing people you will meet. … her energy vibes with female empowerment and I always feel like a goddess after leaving her presence… she also isn’t afraid to be raw and share many of her own real life struggles in order to let you know you aren’t alone. She’s simply an incredible human and a gem in this community!”