One of the surest ways to change your vibration, your energy, your mood?

Do something nice for someone else.

When you do something good for someone else, your brain’s pleasure centers light up, releasing endorphin and producing a high. Not to mention, doing good has also been known to generate feelings of satisfaction and gratitude.”

Doing good can: increase life expectancy, improve mental health, decrease stress, motivate you, and lead to happiness. Things I think most of us know!

This past week Becca & I were able to sponsor a Haven family, a single mom and her 2 kids. It almost felt selfish to me because of how intrinsically good it felt to help others. I kept imagining what this family might be going through. No clue of their situation, just happy that we had the ability to give and hopefully make their holiday season a little lighter.

I also get so tired of asking Squeak (my daughter), “what do you want from Santa?” I’ve started making it a priority to remind her that we can all be Santa -that part of the joy of the season is also giving to other people, in the form of nice acts & yes, gifts. It feels more balanced to remember to also think of others.

Which brings me to my next point. The other best way to boost our vibration…
Allowing ourselves to receive.

Women have become so accustomed to selflessly giving, we actually tend to feel uncomfortable in receiving.

Have you ever felt guilty, shy, unworthy, or weak when you’ve asked for help, or been offered it? (me raising my hand a million times) Ugh.

All of this makes me think of the families Haven supports. The strength it must take to reach out and ask for help. They are my true heroes this holiday season.

This is partially why I feel so damn passionate about what we do at Our Yoga – giving back to moms, to women. And yes, dads too! But primarily it’s the women showing up. They’re craving their community, the receiving, and nothing lights me up quite like offering it. A kind word, a gentle hands on adjustment, and space to come back to our own needs can go a long way.

So this holiday season, I ask “how can you allow yourself to truly receive?”

Do you need time alone to cry (without even knowing why)? Let it be.
Do you need a massage? Book one for yourself!
Do you need to go buy yourself flowers and enjoy them immensely? Do it!
Do you need to put on a movie for your kids with a bowl of snacks and go read a magazine? Enjoy!
Do you need to specifically ask your partner for a big ask? Be bold!

Enjoy every gift, every offer of help, even if it means it won’t be perfect.

Just aim to let go of the control, take a deep breath, and receive the support. 

Maybe even with a smile – Jess

Ps – join us for this Sunday’s Candelight Yin class 12/22, 4-5pm
All proceeds go towards Our Yoga’s Haven scholarship.
The perfect way to give AND receive.
And maybe have some kid free mom time.

Pps – We’ve raised $600 so far for the Our Yoga Haven Scholarship. THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed. If you can’t make it to class and still want to donate,  you can do so here.