We did it! We made it through 2019!

First of all – CHECK IT OUT! Our first video resource is now available on the new OUR YOGA YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Meditate with Jess to help set and make space for your new year’s resolutions… scroll to the bottom to check it out now.

For us 2019 was a year of making things happen and manifesting our true desires. It wasn’t always easy but picking the path of least resistance, trusting our guts and focusing on the feel good were a few of the things that got us through the year and allowed our doors to open.

Our Yoga is now four months old!

We want to thank you for all you’ve done to nurture our baby and help it grow in 2019; from painting walls, moving in the furniture, taking photos with and for us, telling your friends, bringing your family, liking our posts or leaving a review.

And for donating to the Our Yoga HAVEN Scholarship (we raised $1400!)


Without YOU Our Yoga would not exist and thrive. SERIOUSLY.

Feel free to add “supporting Our Yoga” to your list of 2019 accomplishments, because it sure counts to us!

Do you feel as good about 2020 as we do?

Cheers to a great new year with our new family.