Hi all!

I’m honored to be featured this week on the Revolutionary Lifestyle podcast, with Clara Wisner. Clara is someone I met through yoga and the Bozeman community, we actually had our first tea date at our house, when she was pregnant and didn’t even know it.

Do pregnant women find me, or do I attract them? 😉 Either way, you know all things pregnancy are my jam.

In this episode we talk about my journey to motherhood (it might not be what you think), how I started teaching prenatal yoga (who knew it would be out of depression), and also how I decided to become a doula (divine intervention!).

We also talk about my tips for natural childbirth; staying sane during pregnancy; and how to foster a healthy relationship with your baby and child.

We hope you have a listen, feel seen, know you’re not alone in whatever your journey looks like, and know how much we honor you as a part of this community.


Happy listening!