Expectations. Tricky little buggers.

If you’ve been in class with me, you’ve probably heard me talk about intention setting. When we get clear on what we want, it can be a beautiful thing. But, as always, certain things just aren’t under control. And what then?

Many years ago, I was talking to my dear friend & life coach, Sally. I told her of how I created a list of everything I wanted in a relationship. Who I wanted that man to be, etc. Then I found it. And I still wasn’t very happy.

She told me: don’t focus on the specifics. We often think we know what we want, but can get in our own way. Instead, focus on how you want to feel in that relationship. And manifest that.

Because when it comes down to it, how we feel is the end result of all goals, intentions and manifestations.

I started to focus more on this, and lo & behold met my life partner soon after that. And let me tell you, he was not at all what I was expecting!

It’s incredibly powerful, and rewarding, to notice what you’re wanting in life – and to embody how it would feel for that to happen. This is something you can do here, today, and enjoy right now.

Why wait to feel your way into a good thing?

This is definitely worth mentioning with another holiday like Valentine’s Day coming up. Is this a day you have expectations for? Well how do you want to feel? Start there and work backwards from that.

Happy Valentine’s Day! & Happy intention setting –


p.s. some of my favorite intentions are:

“I trust that I am the perfect partner.”

“I feel safe in my body and the decisions I make.”

“I feel seen, loved and cherished in my relationship.”

“I am healthy, strong and flexible. I have the perfect body for me.”

“I allow myself to rest with ease.”

“I revel in the good present in my life.”

“I open my heart completely and without fear.”