We all know the end of pregnancy, laboring, delivering, and 4th trimester can come with a certain amount of discomfort. As baby is being born, mama is being reborn too.

At Our Yoga we’re all about helping parents have educated choices. So you feel powerful, relaxed and receive natural support for whatever you’re going through.

Recently our friend Clara with the Revolutionary Lifestyle Podcast released an eBook with her best essential oil tips for 3rd trimester, labor and beyond. We eagerly asked if she’d allow us to share them with all of you!

Clara is an expert when it comes to oils, hormones, and natural healing (and is currently in her 3rd trimester). In her eBook she shares recipes & info for every layer of our being during pregnancy/birth/postpartum:

  • Physical: Heal tissues, deal with pain (muscular & skeletal), avoid stretch marks
  • Mental: Positively affect mood & mental state, balance hormones
  • Spiritual: Comfort, heal & purify for the massive transition of giving birth

As well as: general discomforts, soreness, labor pain, anxiety, milk production, high blood pressure, poor sleep, itchy skin.

Watch Clara’s intro to oils for 3rd trimester, labor/delivery & 4th trimester video here.

Download the eBook here.

Clara is also offering free “oils consult” calls this month & there are a few more spots left, so if you’re interested to learn more or have specific questions, here’s the link to sign up!

And to watch her other class about oils & pregnancy, click here.