Your 2yr old’s brain is developing at lightning speed, and you might think it’s time to stop treating them like a baby. But that doesn’t mean your 2yr old doesn’t still require your utmost patience and gentle care as you watch them develop and discover the world.

After spending so much time with 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s, it is clear to me that while 2yr olds might show signs of independence, they are still very much in need of adult assistance. Besides, it isn’t until around age three that kids really understand they have separate feelings and identity from you.

Giving your 2yr old assistance can sometimes feel maddening as their language is still developing. This can make it hard to explain what to do or get an answer back from them. Well, I’m here to share a secret…

Using 2 word sentences makes all the difference in communicating with your 2 year old.


Developmentally, 2 word sentences will help you communicate easily and more clearly with your toddler, help them develop language quickly & allow you to deepen your connection through language.

You might have already noticed your little one’s tendency to talk in 1, 2 or 3 word sentences. 

It might also seem obvious that toddlers need short sentences, but it’s actually pretty hard to talk with just 2 words all the time!

Going out of your way to do this for your 2yr old will be really powerful & magical for them. You’ll be able to enjoy more captive conversations (2yr old style) and might also understand their point of view more easily. 

If you’re actively trying to communicate back & forth on something, use 2 words, make sure to give a longggg pause, smile with encouragement & make eye contact.

This long pause gives them the chance they need to process, and reply with words or action.

Here is an example of a ‘wash your hands routine’ with a 2yr old (which is almost always a 3min+ process for this age by the way):

Adult: Water On (as I, they or we turn the faucet on)

2yr old: Water On

Adult: Yes

Adult: Wet Hands (as you put your hands in the water)

2yr old: Wet Hands

2yr old: Ah! 

Adult: Cold Water (Adult assuming it’s cold to the 2yr old)

Adult: Water Off

2yr old: Off

Adult: Soap On

2yr old: Soap!

Adult: Rub Hands. Rub, Rub. 

Adult: Water On. Turn Knob.

2yr old: Water On!

Adult: Wash Hands

2yr old: Cold Water!

Adult: That’s It!

2yr old: Wash hands. All Done!

Ready to try it out with your little one? 

Practicing with your baby is also always a good place to start. You can use 2 words to explain the world to them. Besides you never know when your little one will be ready to take on language…!

Let your kids surprise you with how much they can say with just 2 words.

With love & light,

Ms. Becca

p.s. this is the age of copy catting/mirroring so be careful what two words you say!!

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