Hi all –

We want to take a moment to acknowledge all of you. Parents, expecting couples, individuals. Right now is tough. So many unknowns, so much to take in, disappointments, worries.

What we’ve seen is everyone showing up. And doing a truly wonderful job at handling all of this. Even if you don’t think you are, trust us – you are! Be sure to give yourself lots of grace. And maybe check out one of the many meditations we now have on our YouTube channel (or pop your kid on one while you take a breather).

We know emotions and anxieties are especially high for a lot expecting couples at the moment. We’re so grateful for our live classes where moms-to-be can connect, share how they’re feeling, and receive support & relaxation through this community.

To help ease some of those worries & fears, we decided to interview 2 of the people we love to work with through Our Yoga. Kayla, owner & medical director at Bozeman Birth Center. And Barb, a labor & delivery nurse (of 30 years!) at Bozeman Deaconess.

It’s so important to hear what to expect and how to prepare for birthing during this time, from the people who will actually be there. Rather than reading stories, hearsay, media, etc. 

As Barb mentioned in our interview, now more than ever we really need to focus on positive birth stories, friends & family who uplift us, and staying as grounded as possible.

We hope this can help give you a better idea of what you might be wondering about giving birth (in Bozeman or in general) right now.

To watch our interview with Birth Center midwife Kayla (and all the need to knows about transferring from an out of hospital birth AND/OR starting at the birth center and later transferring in to the hospital), click the image below.

To watch our interview with Barb about hospital birth (what it’s really like right now, clear expectations, and how to stay calm & feel supported), click the image below.