“I’ve been waking up at 4:30am the last couple days. 

I get up. I eat something, then go back to bed and to sleep.


Pregnancy up to this point had been relatively uneventful. Just the normal discomfort and complaints. A little heartburn. A little sciatic pain. A little fatigue. No serious complications or issues. 
But in this last week or so the discomfort has gotten to the level where I was doubting I could handle 2 more weeks of it without giving up on doing anything productive and doing nothing but binge watching Netflix on the couch.


So, this morning I was up, begrudgingly getting out of bed to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that would inevitably give me terrible heartburn. As I rolled my pregnant belly to one side to struggle to sit upright I felt a gush of water come out of my nether regions and realized that the bed underneath my torso was wet.


I initially thought to myself, “Great. New pregnancy low. I am now peeing myself.”

Baby Alma wasn’t due to come for another two and half weeks or so. It couldn’t be my water breaking…. could it?





…Clara has been an inspiration in caring for herself as a pregnant & postpartum mama. Especially while giving birth during a pandemic, and practically giving birth in a car!


Clara purchased one of Our Yoga’s Postpartum Packages partway into her 2nd trimester.


She knew it was the exact support she was wanting & craving for herself, after doing a lot of research into what makes a good 4th trimester. She’s been able to heal & get bonding time with baby, while we take care of the rest.

Here’s what she’s had to say about it so far… 

“I gave birth 3 weeks ago & the support and care that I feel from the postpartum care package from Our Yoga cannot be overstated.

 All the women involved in the services provided (Becca, Jess, Char, Whitney, Stephanie) have been incredibly supportive, from little texts checking in, to offering to answer questions (which I have a lot of; as a first time mom!).

There is something so healing about having women surrounding you offering to help in the midst of such an emotional and physically taxing time as postpartum. I was relatively prepared (from books etc) for the intensity of child birth, but the intensity of the first few weeks of postpartum was not something I was expecting, so not having to worry about food, and getting the postpartum basket of goodies (sitz bath herbs, perineum spray, yoga props and more) was a beautiful bonus!


Having the delicious and healthy food all ready for me while I’m navigating breastfeeding and being up every couple hours all night is so incredibly appreciated. It’s worth EVERY penny.


During this crazy pandemic time things are higher stress than normal and with social distancing it seems like as a new mom i might feel even more isolated.. but the truth is this team of women has made me feel supported and loved and I feel like I have a team of knowledgeable women I could reach out to at any time.
The peace of mind and peace of home is worth so much to me. Thank you for putting this package together.

I hope and recommend every person having a baby could give themselves this gift!”