This is a hard question to answer. And as yoga teachers, the only truthful answer is when we FEEL ready. Which isn’t next week or the week after. And probably not in May at all…


When we guide you in practice, we talk a lot about what’s going on in your body, about listening and noticing what you are feeling. Maybe something just came up when you read we aren’t opening soon? Good or uncomfortable…


But we also talk about moving in a direction with your energy and intention to FEEL YOUR WAY INTO WHAT YOU WANT.


So what do we want to open? What would FEEL GOOD TO US?


We want it to feel safe for you, for our teachers, for ourselves and all our families.


We want to feel confident that when we open, it will feel safe to gather with children and expecting couples in person, that we’ll have a clear idea of how to approach hands on adjustments (touching & hugging people again, what will that be like?!) and just generally that it feels good to be together.


We want to make you feel comfortable, seen & heard and learn from you about how to move forward. We’ll plan to reach out when we feel that re-opening again is a possibility, and will look forward to getting feedback from all of you.


So we’ll still be here, virtually for now. Being patient. Feeling our way into what’s best for our business and all of our families.


We do plan to offer virtual classes indefinitely. So even after we’re comfortable being back in the studio, we’ll plan to offer once a week on-line prenatal, postpartum, restorative, and every body yoga classes (silver lining of having to figure this whole on-line teaching thing out!).


In the mean time, you can use our 7-days-a-week online schedule or our latest FREE videos on IGTV and YOUTUBE to help create routine and consistency for your practice, your family. If you missed Ms. Becca’s kid’s goodnight yoga routine for ages 2~8, check it out.


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Stay safe

Be well

And always choose love over fear…

With love, light & hope,

Becca & Jess