If you want to forget your to-do list, your homeschooling or just that 2020 has even happened then you must try Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga! 


With the added concentration of trying to stay balanced & not fall in the water, you are more likely to stay focused on each pose and the transition between poses. So instead of your mind wandering in downward dog to what’s for dinner, you’ll be fixated on the moment, the feeling of your fingers and toes gripping the board, & of the board rocking gently in the water.


All the Our Yoga teachers agree, yoga in the studio is a reprieve but SUP yoga feels more like a retreat. It’s time to forget your day-to-day and give your brain some much need rest & your body some needed attention. We promise, 90min on the water will leave your feeling serious relaxed & content for the rest of your day.


So why should you try SUP Yoga?



1) It forces you to focus on the moment and your movement

What’s for dinner? Forget about it (for now at least). Because there is an extra layer of concentration with trying not to lose balance you are better able to keep your attention on the moment & your breath. This will help improve your concentration during yoga, meditation and while trying any new activity.  paddling and then also once anchored and moving in and in-between poses during yoga. 


2) It’s the most meditative savasana EVER

With the sounds of nature, the feeling of air, plus the gentle rocking of the board you’ll be sure to stay present during savasana and soak up the moment. These last savory minutes anchored on the board will truly give your body time to integrate everything it learned that day while also giving your mind time to just be.


3) You get the added to workout from paddling for your arms, core and legs

We do at least 10min of paddling to the anchor spot and then back at the end of class. Because you engage your abs and use your exhale to paddle you’ll feel the extra workout the next day. And whether your kneel or standing, your hips and legs will be working harder to keep you upright.


4) You’ll activate different muscles as your body tries to keep you balanced

When you are on land with eyes open your brain does a pretty good job telling your body to stay upright and still. We usually don’t even notice we might be a little shaky in the ankles or feet while standing until we close our eyes in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). But being on the paddleboard makes you very aware of what your body does to keep you balanced. It becomes less of a suggestion in Mountain Pose to not lock your knees and use your feet to grip the earth and more of a necessity. This allows your body to workout different muscles then you might normally in a yoga practice.


We know not everyone is interested in water sports, but if you like yoga, challenging yourself a little or just giving yourself a much needed break from your day-to-day then SUP Yoga is for you.


Namaste From The Water ~~~



Check the Our Yoga schedule for your next SUP Yoga summer adventure