We are thrilled to launch Our Yoga Online, our new online streaming platform.

This online platform gives you access to your favorite our yoga classes online anywhere, anytime. 

How do I get access to Our Yoga Online? Create Account or Login here from a computer. Once you are logged on, click ‘Watch Video’ in the top left menu (see picture below). This will give you access the free, rotating contact we have. 

If you would like access to all of Our Yoga Online, you can buy access via three memberships. A week of unlimited access is $19 or a month is $59.

Or for $139 for unlimited access to our live classes and online platform.

What if I want to watch just one class? To get access to one or two videos on Our Yoga Online, you can buy a one week pass for $19 and get access to that class and all.

You can also join us live virtually or in-person for class, one class pass at a time.

How can I gift Our Yoga Online to a friend? If your friend doesn’t have an Our Yoga account, you can buy them an Our Yoga gift card. Gift cards can be bought for the exact amount of the membership; $19 for one week access, $59 for one month of access, or $139/month for unlimited access to Our Yoga Online & our live weekly classes. 

If your friend has an account, you can buy them a gift card or you can buy the membership directly in your profile. Then you can email us @ouryogafamily@gmail.com and let us know which email address to transfer the membership to for your friend.

What’s the difference between Our Yoga Online and the Virtual option on the class schedule? Our Yoga Online gives a member 24/7 access to rotating Our Yoga videos and class recordings. Our Yoga Online has yoga videos for Prenatal, Postpartum, Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga & Kids.

While our Virtual class option is bought using our class passes and works one class at a time. For our virtual option, you have to sign-up ahead of time and will receive a link 10min before class via email to join class live.

To get access to both Our Yoga Online and Virtual (or in-person) classes sign-up for our unlimited monthly membership for $139 to access all that Our Yoga has to offer!

Why won’t this work on my phone or Achieve App? Currently the platform we use to host Our Yoga Online does not have the capability to offer streaming on a mobile device. We will keep you informed when this changes.

What if I already have a membership to Our Yoga? Thank you for your support and membership! You can watch any free videos we have posted under ‘Watch Video’ after logging into your profile from a computer.