Affirmation: emotional support or encouragement. 

When we think of affirmations, we think about something you repeat over + over to yourself, possibly while looking in the mirror. 

They could be a phrase or two you say at the start of every day to create the life you want. They are definitely something talked a lot about in The Secret.

We also think about how affirmations are one of the best ways we know of to feel better about ourselves & get really lucky.

Honestly, we can’t imagine a time in our lives where affirmations are more helpful than during pregnancy.

There is just so much unknown during pregnancy.  This new terriotry makes for so much to worry about while pregnant like, “Should I eat this, can I soak in a hot tub, will I be able to handle labor? Is my baby OK? Am I going to ruin everything & it will be all my fault because I ate that cheeto?” Eat the cheeto.

Sinking in the doubts of not-knowing is a cue, it’s affirmation time, baby.

While it’s really important to have a solid, dependable, support system during pregnancy from others, it’s important to create that for ourselves. From within.

So today we share with you our favorite affirmations for the 9 months or so you are carrying your babe(s). We use some variation of these at the end of almost every prenatal yoga class we offer.

And even if you’re not currently pregnant, we still find them deeply reassuring and love how connected they enable parents to feel to their child, near or afar.

Here is a list of Our Favorite Affirmations for Pregnancy:

  • I am strong & capable.
  • I believe in my ability to give birth with strength & power.
  • My body knows exactly how to nourish my baby.
  • I have enough love to share.
  • I give myself the right to accept love & nourishment from others.
  • My baby is healthy & beautiful.
  • I love my pregnant body.
  • I will let my labor & birth be its own unique experience.
  • My baby is in perfect health.  I am in perfect health.
  • I embrace the concept of healthy pain.
  • My pregnancy is perfect. I will deliver a happy, healthy baby!
  • I am strong and healthy and sailing right through this pregnancy.
  • As my healthy baby grows within me, I am more attuned than ever to the perfect rhythms of nature & my body.
  • I trust that my body knows exactly what it’s doing.
  • My body is beautifully nourishing the child I carry. My child & my body are perfectly healthy.
  • I am calm, cool, & confident throughout my pregnancy. This is the most beautiful 9 months of my life.
  • I choose to see the beauty in this whole process of bringing new life into the world.
  • My love & connection with this child within me humbles me every day. I am blessed and I know it.
  • I am a beautiful pregnant woman, and I receive support on all levels.

And there you go! Feel better already? So do we!

Some of these affirmations are redundant, so choose the ones that groove with you and feel free to alter or add to your list as you choose!

We recommend saying these prenatal affirmations as often as possible (before bed at night and upon waking), but most especially in times that are challenging.

Please pull out this list and allow yourself to soak in all that affirmation goddess goodness in those moments you are doubting yourself or feeling low because you deserve it!

*Disclaimer: We can’t take credit for all of these affirmations. They were found them through various sources (like The Natural Pregnancy Book) & we’ve also compiled a personal list, that we’re now sharing with you!* 



Download Affirmations for Pregnancy Here


Click below to download + print these affirmations. Place anywhere in your home or as your phone screensaver!

Our Yoga Affirmations for Pregnancy pdf