Hi! I’m Becca


I’ve been teaching yoga + working with kids for over 4 years! 


My journey to yoga began in my early 20’s but it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I really took my practice to the next level. By this time I had overworked myself for years + was constantly burnt out. I traveled all the time for work + was always on-the-go. The only routine I had was to keep-moving.  Eventually, I just kept having the thought “there has to be more, this can’t be what life is all about.” 


After the release of a new application I had been working on, I had an intense downward spiral. I crashed hard, losing too much weight, dealing with insomnia, anxiety, irritability, hormonal imbalance, emotional turmoil + knew I couldn’t return to the life of burnout. This spiral down along with my deep desire for more – more connection, more joy, more space, more honesty – propelled me further into my yoga journey.


From here on out I only wanted to follow my heart and yoga had been the only thing I did that I KNEW I liked, it just felt good. I turned to my mat and just kept coming back. 


Yoga has given me so many tools. Tools to forgive myself, to be happy in my own body, to find ease in each moment, to let go of suffering, attachment + pain, to take on challenges, brave hardships, allow for space, growth and understanding. Yoga has allowed me to move through my dark moments with awareness + allowed for lighter ones to come still.


I could keep going on about how yoga changed my life, how my practice gives me guidance, resilience + relief. I could go on about how I wished I had a yoga practice or at least knew how to breathe when I was a kid. I could tell you all about my parent’s divorce + how lost I was after; how I watched my mom struggle to get the support she actually deserved + needed. I could tell you how scary it has been for me to actually tell the world I’d like to have a child; that I still struggle to move on this.  I could also tell you about how I graduated from a top business school + wanted to run a business since I was young or all about my corporate life or my preschool teacher life but I’d rather focus on the sum reason I wanted to start a family yoga studio … 


I want kids to feel seen, heard + loved. I want kids to get help when needed, and to feel safe + confident in asking for that help. I want kids to have a trusting adult or 2 or 10 in their lives that listen to them. I want kids to breathe. I want kids to be themselves + feel confident in themselves. I want kids to know their own light, their own heart + follow it.


I want parents to have a break that actually nourishes them. I want parents to not feel alone. I want parents to have someone, a community, to turn to. I want parents to ask for help when they need it. I want parents to breathe. I want parents to get over the guilt, blame + shame that keeps them from that next level – be it in their relationships, their life passions or self-worth. I want parents to feel safe to talk about how f*cking hard it is to be a parent sometimes + still be able to find the light moments (because they exist). I want parents to be able to admit their struggles + shortcomings without being judged or demonized – otherwise, how can we heal? I want parents to follow thier hearts + know they can be both a parent + meet their own dreams.


This is why I co-created Our Yoga Family. To give your kids + you a turn to be seen, to be honest, to be whole + to love yourself because you are exactly who you were meant to be.


Thank goodness I met Jess who shared my dream + was already serving parents on their journey.


We are here for you. Thanks for continuing to show up for yourself because you deserve this.