If you’ve been alive in the past decade+, you’ve probably heard that yoga + meditation are good for you. Maybe lately you’ve been able to experience some of those benefits for yourself, like the  “yoga high” after a good, long savasana. Or the happiness + release after a good hip opener.


More so now than ever before, we are feeling the stressors of everyday life. We’re constantly exposed to the chaos of the world, and to be honest no one nervous system was ever meant to handle so much.


Our bodies often turn these feelings of overwhelm into a sense of not being safe. Which puts us into fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system). Cue anxiety, depression, poor health, hormone imbalance, achiness, exhaustion from always being ‘on’, the wired yet tired feeling that makes us crave bed but then not actually get proper sleep.

What yoga allows us to embody so beautifully is a sense of easing back into rest + digest (the parasympathetic nervous system). Our nervous system can begin to heal. We can finally reset and release. Like the deep sigh after a good cry or a scary event. 


Yoga provides a deep exhale for our whole beings.


The more we practice, the more easily our bodies recover from our everyday stressors. We recognize that we don’t have to always be ‘on’ or solve the world’s problems at all times of the day (especially at 2am, am I right?). 


We create a more peaceful internal state, which translates into us being better to our families and friends, less resentful, better stewards of the planet. When we learn to tread lightly with ourselves, it becomes easier to tread lightly on that which is around us.


Slowing down isn’t always easy, especially if we’re not used to it. But at Our Yoga Family, we aim to guide you into relaxation and dropping into your breath and body so effortlessly, that you don’t even realize it’s happening. 


It goes from feeling like another chore or impossible practice, into something we crave. Something our bodies tell us is not only necessary for survival, but to do more often because we all deserve to thrive!



Now JUST IMAGINE if we teach kids these tools from the beginning. Stress management is often completely overlooked and yet also one of the most essential tools to us as human beings. We see such remarkable results with kids learning the power of their breath, their thoughts, and positively affirming their bodies.

For more specifics:


Benefits of a Yoga Practice for Adults:

Improved Health

Feeling Enough

Lowers rates of Depression + Anxiety, especially while postpartum

Provides a sense of community

Appreciating + Loving Your body as it is today (+ modeling that for others)

Space to reflect on your own needs (instead of your work, your baby, your MIL)

Encourages those around you to take care of + honor themselves too

Benefits of a Yoga Practice for Kids:

Feel Great In Mind & Body

Learn about self-acceptance

Develop spatial skills

Aid other sports & activities

Make calming techniques habits

Build patience and a sense of ease

Enjoy & learn ways of self-care

Build confidence and courage

Reduce anxiety and poor body image 

We encourage you to really sink into how you feel after your next class with us. Notice how you felt before class, and how you feel after. How you feel the next day, and the following days.

In this practice (never perfect), right alongside you –
Jess + Becca, Our Yoga Family