There is so much to love about our beloved mountain town.


Take a walk down Main St, visit a neaby river, check out a brewery, tea house or coffee shop, hike to a waterfall…

Drink water + hydrate (because altitude).
Respect trail etiquette + be prepared.
Go slow (especially on wintry roads).
Ask for help if you need it.
Wave high + smile.
Tread lightly.
Be Kind.

And enjoy all the abundance this special mountain town has to offer!



  • Farmer’s Daughter Cafe: a fun + fresh breakfast + lunch spot close to the studio. Very dietary friendly and very welcoming to kiddos
  • Little Star: homemade, family owned, locally sourced ingredients and a god quality dining experience
  • Feed Cafe: high quality breakfast, lunch and espresso bar. Interesting menu items in a historic barn
  • Blackbird: the perfect date night with Italian goods, a Bozeman fav, so be sure to make a reservation
  • Wild Crumb: incredible baked goods and sandwiches you won’t want to miss!
  • Treeline (downtown + North Side): with the downtown location just a block from the studio, it’s a bit. ofa regular around here! You can get a high quality espreso, turmeric latte, or tea.
  • Ghosttown Coffee: close to Story Mill Park, a great place to pick up your coffee beans for the week or enjoy a cuppa
  • I-Hos Korean Grill: Our Yoga’s new neighbor! I-Ho’s has delicious and fresh Korean food you won’t want to miss


Grocery Shopping

  • The Coop (downtown or Main): an easy go to with endless dietary friendly options. The downtown location has a hot lunch bar. Both locations have a lot of gran and go meal options. The Main St location has more grocery options. *both are just blocks from Our Yoga Family!
  • Rosauers: will have everything you need! From herbal remedies to box store items, Rosauers is huge and has it all, including great produce. Higher price point.
  • Town + Country: multiple locations, with great, locally sourced vendors + economical prices.


Hikes + Outdoor Adventures

  • Yellowstone National Park: Bozeman is the hub for Yellowstone (also locally known as ‘the park’). Visit either entrance and enjoy a day trip exploring, or more!
  • Hyalite Canyon: 30 minutes from Bozeman up a picturesque, winding canyon with endless hiking options + views. Enjoy a picnic at the reservoir, a dip in the lake, or a waterfall hike.
  • Peet’s Hill: a nature preserve in downtown Bozeman that has epic views of the valley and surrounding mountain ranges
  • The ‘M’: a classic Bozeman hike close to town. Go the strenuous or easy way up. But if you’re coming from sea level, know that even the easy way will be a bit of a climb Worth it for the views


Other Activities

  • Bozeman Hot Springs: for close to town, super kid friendly, lots of different pool temps + space
  • Norris Hot Springs: about 45 min from Bozeman on a scenic drive, rustic feel and sometimes with live music
  • Museum of the Rockies: aka the Dino Museum. Get to know dinosaurs up close + personal, enjoy the planetarium, or let your littles roam free in the kids space upstairs
  • Story Mill Park: a vast park in downtown Bozeman with an epic playground!

    And last but not least? Bring yourself + your family to a yoga class with Our Yoga Family!

What are we missing? Leave a comment below so we can all share the love!