Did you know? Our Yoga Family was founded on the idea that a healthy family starts with at least one healthy parent.

This is one reason why we have such a focus on prenatal yoga. This class is an opportunity to empower students as they make the transition to parenthood and the self-transformation to parent.

Jess + I are so unbelievably excited to educate other yoga teachers + exercise specialists on how to safely + confidently teach pregnant students.

So we wanted to share a little bit about what makes our training + therefore our prenatal yoga classes so different from our other ones. At our training you’ll:

1. Learn Anatomy From a Women’s Health Physical Therapist

We believe understanding the physiological changes of the pregnant body is paramount to creating a supportive class. We also believe a deep understanding of anatomy, specifically the pelvis, placenta and changes to the spine, is needed in order to be an effective prenatal exercise teacher who can provide movement + exercise that is supportive to their student’s changing body.

2. Understand Pregnancy From Both A Western +Āyurvedic Perspective

One thing that makes our training truly unique is our use of Āyurveda philosophy to understand pregnancy. Yoga coupled with Āyurveda can help offer comprehensive holistic lifestyle options for a healthy fertility, pregnancy + postpartum. This knowledge will give you more options to support your student and understand what they are going through from differing perspectives.

3. Experience Prenatal Yoga + Teach It Live In-person With Pregnant Students!

By the fourth day of training you’ll be ready to start teaching the individual parts of a prenatal yoga class. We’ll invite trainees to student teach at least once during a live class with students in the room (trainees will be given a particular segment to teach). This will help you start to gain confidence teaching pregnant students before you ever leave the training! A big goal of any Our Yoga Family teacher training is to instill confidence in our teachers’ abilities to go forth + help pregnant students immediately.

We’d love to show you why the Our Yoga Family Prenatal Yoga Training Teaching is so unique at our next prenatal yoga teacher training in Bozeman, Montana. So please, check out our upcoming training here.

You can also email us at hello@ouryogafamily.com to ask us any questions you have about why this training will give you the skills you need to feel confident teaching pregnant students!

Becca + Jess

Co-Founders or Our Yoga Family

+Lead Trainers of the Our Yoga Family Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training