My name is Deneen. I am a kids yoga teacher at Our Yoga Family, hula hooper, and cat mom. I have been taking care of young children since I was about 10 years old when I would help my grandma with her children’s church group.

Being the oldest child in my family gave me lots of experiences and time spent taking care of my little cousins. I started babysitting in my early teenage years, have run preschool programs and summer camps, and have extensive kids yoga training and experience.

I hope I can babysit in some form or another for the rest of my life 🙂 I am inspired to grow up and be the older lady in town that still keeps up with the little ones.

I felt inspired to create a course – Mindful Babysitting – sharing so much of what I’ve learned with the future babysitters of Bozeman.

We added a mindfulness flair because it allows us to keep ourselves sane + healthy while providing practical, helpful tools that can really benefit kiddos.

Here are My Top 5 Babysitting Tips!

1. Be prepared! Make sure you know exactly who you are babysitting for, the location, and the exact time of the job. Be prepared for any emergency or situation that could arise.

2. Be calm! Remember to breathe, you can do this! Children follow our examples and creating a peaceful environment makes anyone feel safe and comforted.

3. Be safe! Children do best with structure and boundaries. Create a safe environment by following house rules and offering your own.

4. Be silly! Making someone laugh and being playful is one of the best ways to spend the time babysitting. Have fun!

5. Be you! Bring your favorite activities to each job as a way to connect with the children. Learn what they enjoy as well and take the time to establish meaningful bonds. Take this time to share your unique gifts with the world.

be prepared, be calm, be safe, be silly, be you

I am so excited about this offering because there will always be children and there will always be families who need Mindful Babysitters.

We get asked all of the time if we have any phone numbers or resources for finding baby-sitters in our area so we decided to start our own. It’s such a great way for to feel indepedent + make extra income.

I am motivated to share my knowledge and experiences with the next generation of babysitters by helping each student in this course unlock their self confidence and individual uniqueness.

I truly believe in creating safe, positive, and respectful environments for children to thrive.

This course will give our future babysitters the chance to learn the business of babysitting and what to expect during babysitting jobs.

You can learn more about our Mindful Babysitting Course here.

ps – each participant receives a carefully curated Mindful Babysitting tote – full of craft ideas, yoga cards, and their mindful babysitting instruction manual with tips, reminders + important safety numbers.