Hello beloved Our Yoga Fam –

Becca + Jess here, Our Yoga Family co-founders. We have some important news to share today.

Over the last 3 years we have learned so much about supporting families, supporting ourselves, and creating a thriving community for parents + families. 

We’ve come to a heartfelt decision to move our business forward in a different direction. We will be closing the doors to our physical studio location in Bozeman come December. 

We see a bigger calling for Our Yoga Family, and it will carry on in the form of retreats, workshops, online courses, trainings, and prenatal + postpartum education. We are excited to be location independent and extend these offerings to Bozeman + beyond (crafting beautiful retreats + trainings worldwide).

This is a direction that currently best fits our vision for the business + our personal values and lifestyles as well. We truly believe we’ll be able to reach more people and do even more good in the world.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for classes throughout October + November. We are excited to share this space with you + hope to see everyone in person to practice together.

Thank you for being here with us –

Jess, Becca, Our Yoga Family

ps – We will plan to do some lovely closing ceremonies in our space to honor all it has brought us + our community and as a chance to better connect with all of you as we move forward into what’s next. More info to come…


Important info to know:

Our weekly classes will end on December 2

    • Pass Holders – If you have a current pass with us, please come join us for class before then. We have a full schedule right now and will be excited to share our last couple months in our sacred space with you! Log into your account, click ‘my profile’, ‘passes + memberships’ to see how many passes you have left to use.
    • Membership Holdersall memberships will be stopped on Nov 2nd and set to end by Dec 2nd. If your membership renews slightly before Nov 2nd you can buy some class passes after it ends to join classes until Dec 2nd. Log into your account, click ‘my profile’, ‘passes + memberships’ to see your membership info.
    • Our Toddler + Preschool Yoga pods will run through the second to last week of December, as scheduled.
  • We will continue to offer our Yoga + Ayurveda Women’s Retreat next June (if you want in, click get our early bird pricing by signing up before 10/1)!