The Our Yoga Code

All bodies are welcome

No prior yoga experience is necessary

Kids are encouraged to Bring Your Own Blankie (aka byob)

Bring your own mat if you have one but if not we’ve got rentals (& props)

For young kids age 0-5 to attend class, a guardian must attend the adult class

Arrive five minutes early, ten or more with little ones, for enough time to get settled

And remember, “everything is possible; anything you can’t do is simply something you can’t do yet”

ADULT CLASSES (ages 16+, BYOB = bring your own blanket)

Prenatal Yoga (all stages) 1hr

This class is appropriate for any stage of pregnancy. Here you’ll learn the best moves to stay comfortable, fit and active during your pregnancy. You’ll practice poses, meditation styles & breathing techniques to help during labor & delivery. Come enjoy a safe space to share and explore all the ups and downs of pregnancy and meet your tribe of like-minded mamas

Postpartum Yoga (all stages + baby + byob) 1hr

This class helps you reconnect to your core and pelvic floor safely and effectively as well as relieve your upper body muscles and ease the overall mental, physical and emotional tension that comes with being a parent. Meet your tribe of like-minded mamas in a sacred place that allows you to honor your needs and learn how to do just the right amount of activity for your postpartum journey. Your infant baby is welcome to sleep or relax alongside you. Moms of any age and at any stage are welcome

Every Body Yoga (Bring Baby + byob) 1hr

This relaxing class is the perfect way to get into your Saturday routine by starting with some always deserved self-care. Here adults will be guided through a series of strengthening and lengthening poses at a gentle pace. Class will close with a period of relaxation

New Parents group (bring baby) 1hr

Share 45min every Friday with other parents and discuss the joys and hardships of parenthood. Bring your newborn and relax on comfy bolsters and a soft floor. Jessica will not only offer tea and great recipe ideas but she help the group investigate what it means to be a parent as you enter parenthood. 

YOUTH & FAMILY CLASSES (BYOB = bring your own blanket)

In order to create a safe space and a feeling of comfort for your little ones we ask that you come to the studio ten to fifteen minutes prior to class to get your child settled in to their studio room. Sometimes it’s better for young children to have their caregivers pass them off to another adult so that they clearly know that their caregiver is choosing to place their trust in another person. This allows your child to trust the new caregiver more readily. This might look like physically handing your child to the teacher after a goodbye routine (i.e. one hug and two kisses) or letting the teacher offer a hand to hold. Teachers will be ready to help adults and children through these possibly challenging moments. Let us know if you have any questions. Please note that caregivers are not allowed in children only classes (listed by age) yet caregivers must attend the adult yoga class offered at the same time for their children in classes for ages 6 and under

Baby Yoga & Infant Massage (byob) 45min

This class is the perfect way to move your body and have your baby move theirs. Enjoy sharing this special experience with your baby along with a bunch of other parents with little ones. In this fun-loving, relaxed environment you’ll get to do yoga with and around your little one, learn about infant massage and enjoy nurturing your blossoming relationship. This class is appropriate for new borns and crawlers

family yoga (all ages) 45min

Come enjoy a little yoga and mindfulness with the whole family. This playful, relaxed class gives your whole family time to breathe together, move together, and relax together. We’ll start class by spending time noticing our breath and trying out different breath practices, then we’ll move our bodies and do some yoga poses before we end with a relaxing savasana and guided meditation.

toddler Be-Free Time (ages 1.5 – 3  byob) 1hr  

This inspired, fun loving hour allows your baby to explore the new developments of their body finding their own balance, strength and flexibility in a safe, welcoming space. Babies have the full hour to receive comfort and support, play freely with others, explore the space or just find a cozy personal space in our inviting and playful kids’ room. We’ll sing a couple songs, read a book and bring out blocks, balance boards, silk scarves, bean bags, books and other age-appropriate yoga goodies and high-quality toys to ensure everyone has something to enjoy while their beloved adult does yoga in the next room

Young Kids yoga (ages 2.5 – 5  byob) 45min – 1hr

This joyful class for your two and a half year old to your six year olds helps kids broaden their social skills, adjust to different group dynamics and ensure some focus time on Yoga Poses. Class begins with free play so kids can settle in and find their place. After a quick clean-up, we sing and play a game in circle, then enjoy a Cosmic Kids Yoga Story Experience for anyone ready to participate. We always encourage any little one in any class the opportunity to watch from the side as needed. Each class ends with a period of relaxation. If time allows a short story will be read as toddlers await their parents yoga class to end

elementary kids Yoga (ages 6 – 9) 45min 

This energetic yet relaxing yoga class is designed especially for elementary aged-children roughly 6-10. During class children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises to help them maintain a sense of calm, increase strength, improve flexibility, enhance gross and fine motor skills, and learn to focus. Each class ends with a period of relaxation

pre-teen Vinyasa (ages 9 – 12) 45min

Young Yogis will enjoy simple yet energetic vinyasa flows during this class. Class will begin in a restful pose with a meditation to bring awareness into the body and mind, then we will begin moving our bodies with a gentle warm-up with kids sun salutations. Class will build strength and balance through a simple but challenging flow and will always end with a flexibility-building cool down and time in savasana. These flows will build strength, flexibility and balance in both kids bodies and mind. Having a keen sense of body, emotional and breathe awareness are useful tools to help kids avoid injuries and unnecessary stress during other activities and in life in general. This fun, challenging and calming class will help get kids started on their life-long journey of yoga


Our Additional Services (email now!)

Our Yoga Birthday Parties (All Ages 4+, Sat Afternoon 2 hours)

  • Birthday parties are $340 or $239 (30% off) for annual membership holders
  • A $75 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking
  • Parties include private use of both yoga studios, and the patio (weather permitting) and the Our Yoga Entry for 2 hours
  • A 45 minute activity or yoga class based on age is included and kicks off the party with great fun (contact us for a full menu of options for the one your celebrating)
  • A staff member is on-site at all times in the office for assistance as needed, a 45 minutes yoga class or other activity is included based on age (4-infinity!)
  • We provide small tables for food and gift set-up and a festive cloth where children can gather to enjoy snacks and cake
  • A cake from The Thoughtful Kitchen is included in your price for the event (food catering is also available at an additional cost, please discuss upon purchase)
  • We book birthday parties on Saturdays between 1:30 & 4pm, 2 hours maximum

Our Yoga Blessingways & Baby Showers (Sat Evening or Sundays 2 hours)

  • Bridal and Baby Showers are $375 or $260 (30% off) for annual membership holders
  • A $75 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking
  • We book parties on Saturday Evenings between 4pm-7pm or on Sundays between scheduled events (2 hours maximum)
  • A staff member is on-site at all times in the office for assistance as needed
  • Parties include private use of both yoga studios, and the patio (weather permitting) and the Our Yoga Patio for 2 hours
  • A 45 minute variation of Yoga for Expecting Moms or Slow Flow Yoga option is available OR 45 minutes of childcare or kids for the whole family for those who would like to make this a family affair 
  • We provide two small tables for food and / or gift set-up
  • A cake from The Thoughtful Kitchen is included in your price for the event (food catering is also available at an additional cost, please discuss upon purchase)

Our Studio Rental for Various Activities* (During off Hours M-F, Sat Afternoons & Sun Mornings)

  • Rentals are by the hour and based on which studio room(s) are being rented
  • A staff member will be available to open and lock the studio rooms 15 min before and 15 min after the agreed upon time of the event for one time rentals

*examples of things to rent our space for: yoga classes / privates / workshops, meditation, dance, women’s or men’s chorus, kirtan… let’s talk 

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