The Our Yoga Family Code

All bodies are welcome

No prior yoga experience is necessary

Bring your own mat, blocks & bolster if you have them

For kids age 1-5 to attend class, a guardian must attend the adult class in the next room or attend Family class with them

Arrive five minutes early, ten or more with little ones, for enough time to get settled

And remember, “everything is possible; anything you can’t do is simply something you can’t do yet”


ADULT CLASSES (ages 16+)

Prenatal Yoga (all trimesters)

This class is appropriate for any stage of pregnancy. Here you’ll learn the best moves to stay comfortable, fit and active during your pregnancy. You’ll practice poses, meditation styles & breathing techniques to help during labor & delivery. Come enjoy a safe space to share and explore all the ups and downs of pregnancy and meet your tribe of like-minded mamas

Restorative Yoga

One of our favorite offerings. This class is essentially the stress buster in action! Increase flexibility, let tension melt away, and feel deeply supported through the use of props and longer holds. Perfect for all levels.

All Levels Yoga (babies welcome)

If you have a ~6week – 7mo old, this class is for you! Any adult is welcome to bring their non-mobile baby to rest beside them in their car seat or on a blanket. You’ll be able to practice healthy movement with baby watching! This class focuses on yoga that helps you reconnect to your core and pelvic floor safely and effectively as well as relieve your upper body muscles. Ease the overall mental, physical and emotional tension that comes with being a parent while still being able to hold or feed baby when needed!

All Levels Yoga

These classes are invigorating + well balanced. The perfect blend of strengthening and lengthening. Breath and relaxation. We aim to challenge you and also allow you to find a sense of deep rest. Perfect for all levels of experience. (this class is often paired at the same time as a Kids Yoga class so your kiddos can practice in the room next door while you get your yoga on!).


In order to create a safe space and a feeling of comfort for your little ones we ask that you come to the studio ten minutes prior to class to get your child settled in to their studio room. Sometimes it’s better for young children to have their caregivers physically pass them off to another adult so that they clearly know that their caregiver is choosing to place their trust in another person. This allows your child to trust the new caregiver more readily. This might look like physically handing your child to the teacher after a goodbye routine (i.e. one hug and two kisses) or bringing your child’s hand to hold the teachers. Teachers will be ready to help adults and children through these possibly challenging moments. Let us know if you have any questions. Please note that caregivers are not allowed in kids only classes (listed by age) yet caregivers must attend the adult yoga class offered at the same time for their children in classes for ages 5 and under

Baby Yoga (non-mobile babies)

This class is appropriate for infants up until crawling. Bring your baby in on the movement with this class that will give you both time to do yoga. Learn how to support their digestion and sleep, while finding community and release for tight upper back and neck muscles!

Family Yoga (ages 1 – 5)

This playful class is for parents, nannies, grandparents or any beloved adult in your 1-5 year old’s life to join in on the fun of yoga together! As a group we’ll share a few songs, learn a some yoga poses and practice quiet time in savasana. Families are encouraged to share a family blanket/mat. We also have kids mat available to use for free at the studio. **Each child + adult need to be signed up for class.**

Family Music + Movement (ages 1 – 5)

This is another full of life class is for parents, nannies, grandparents to attend with their 1-5 year old. Help your toddler explore their body, voice + musical instruments. No mats needed here, we’ll move all around the room together!  **Each child + adult need to be signed up for class.**

Kids Yoga (ages 1.5 – 3)

This joyful class helps toddlers broaden their social skills, adjust to different group dynamics and ensure just a little focus time on Yoga Poses. Class is held at the same time  but separately as an adult class. Class begins with free play so kids can settle in and find their place. After clean-up, we sing and play a game in circle, then enjoy Kids Yoga for anyone ready to participate. We always encourage any little one in any class the opportunity to watch from the side as needed. Each class ends with a period of relaxation. If time allows a short story will be read as toddlers await their parents yoga class to end. 

Kids yoga (ages 3 – 8)

This kids yoga class is offered at the same time as an adult class! Here kids take time practicing yoga, sharing with the group + explore their breath. Kids build capacity to focus, listen to others + take turns (very importnant skills for school + group activities).  Each class ends with a savansa “under the stars.” 

Kids yoga (ages 5 – 11)

This energetic yet relaxing yoga class is designed especially for elementary aged-children. During class children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises to help them maintain a sense of calm, increase strength, improve flexibility, enhance gross and fine motor skills, and learn to focus. Each class ends with a period of relaxation + kids are also giving time to share with the group if they’d like.