Dan DiGregorio Yoga Teacher Picture


Get the support your looking for during your pregnancy!

Join with your hubby, partner, doula, BFF etc!

At this yoga workshop, Jessica Cartwright will show someone special in your life how to give you the yummiest adjustments and support in yoga poses. This will help prepare you for labor and delivery as well as enjoy a more relaxed pregnancy overall.

This is the perfect opportunity to feel connected and supported by your partner or someone important to you and your upcoming birth.

A lot of partners say it’s the first time they feel truly connected to their baby!



Sunday, November 14th 3-430pm

Dan DiGregorio Yoga Teacher Picture

8 Thursdays from 515-7pm

with Becca Covington

Starting Thursday, January 13th, 2022


Join a group of 5 people looking to understand their individual relationship with their child(ren) at a deeper level. This 8 class course gives you the chance to reflect deeply and discuss the rewards, ah-ha’s, challenges and opportunities occurring in your relationships as parents and caregivers with the kids in your lives. We’ll learn the basics of how to create a safe and secure bond with each child in our life so you all can live more peacefully together.

register ahead of time  |  limited to 5 people  |   no couples for this series