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Get the support your looking for during your pregnancy!

Join with your hubby, partner, doula, BFF etc!

At this yoga workshop, Jessica Cartwright will show someone special in your life how to give you the yummiest adjustments and support in yoga poses. This will help prepare you for labor and delivery as well as enjoy a more relaxed pregnancy overall.

This is the perfect opportunity to feel connected and supported by your partner or someone important to you and your upcoming birth.

A lot of partners say it’s the first time they feel truly connected to their baby!



Sunday, September 14th 3-430pm

Dan DiGregorio Yoga Teacher Picture



Join us for a celebration of our 2nd year in business!

We’ll have elderberry champange + soda drinks, light snacks, giveaways + sound healing!

Plus it’s the last day you can save on our NEW FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS!

Friday, September 17th 4-6pm

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SEASONS a gathering for girls


What: This 8 week series (with 2 bonus hikes!) emphasizes finding freedom from stress by connecting with community, self (through mindfulness), nature + creativity. The group will go through each season of the year during their time together: Spring/Intentions, Summer/Adventure, Autumn/Creativity, and Winter/Rest. Each session also offers new skills and strategies for stress management and self-care!


Who: 6th-8th grade female-identifying students. Space is limited to 6 students per session.

Where: At Our Yoga Family (407 W Main Street) + 2 Bonus Hikes offsite


When: There are two separate sessions on Monday or Wednesday at 430-6pm (see link for dates, they are non-consecutive)


Why: Because every person deserves time to feel seen, be heard, develop friendship, learn new skills, relax, connect with their body + relieve stress.



 Starts Monday, September 20th OR  Wednesday, September 22nd