Upcoming Events

Our Yoga Is Excited to Offer So Many NEW Workshops and Special Events in 2020 we can’t wait for you to check them all out!

Monday, March 16 @ 9-11am

+ Wednesdays & Fridays this Summer

with Becca Covington


This spring break, give yourself a break and let your 2.5 – 5 year olds join in on some yoga fun for this 2 hour class. We’ll spend 30min singing in group circle, followed by 30min of yoga to stretch and relax. After all the excitement we’ll sit down for snack and story time and finish it all off with some playtime.

$39/kid per camp day

6 Mondays In A Row @ Our Yoga

with Marlisa Papp

March 30  – May 4  @2-4pm


Get comfortable in your body

Learn how to observe yourself instead of judge yourself

Find freedom from food and body image stress

call 406-539-9728 to register | limited to 14 people

Tue-Fri, July 6-10 @1230-330pm

with Becca Covington


This four day, intensive yoga camp will help teens learn the foundations of breathwork (pranayama), yoga poses (asana), mindfulness and meditation.

Teens ages 13-18 will gain invaluable tools that will help them navigate their inner world as they go about their day in the outer world.


Mondays @ 1-330pm

March 16th during Spring Break & this June, July & Aug

with Deneen Pancari


This 2.5 hour yoga camp for ages 6-9, gives kids time to move their bodies and relax. Work as a group. Play yoga games and more!

$49/kid per camp day

Sunday, April 19 @10-1115am

with Jessica Cartwright


Mamas get the support your looking for during your pregnancy

At this yoga workshop, Jessica will show someone special in your life how to give you the yummiest adjustments and support in yoga poses. This will help prepare you for labor and delivery as well as enjoy a more relaxed pregnancy overall.


Tue + Thur for 4 Weeks In A Row

with Becca Covington

Tues March 24 – Thur April 16  @12-130pm


Join a group of 8 people looking to understand their individual relationship with their child(ren) at a deeper level. This 8 class course gives you the chance to reflect deeply and discuss the rewards, ah-ha’s, challenges and opportunities occurring in your relationships as parents and caregivers with the kids in your lives. We’ll learn the basics of how to create a safe and secure bond with each child in our life so you all can live more peacefully together.

register ahead of time  |  limited to 8 people  |   no couples please

$249/person (members get 50% off)

5 Consecutive Sundays, 4/19 – 5/10

With Marilsa Papp  @3-5pm

The 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenge

This challenge and 30 day once a week check-in and hang is for anyone who is curious about their relationships with alcohol and is thinking about drinking less often or not at all.

call 406-539-9728  or click to register  |  limited to 20 people  $80/person