Our Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.




Qs About Age Appropriateness


Which classes can I bring my non-mobile baby to?


Non-mobile babies are allowed to sleep/rest next to mom, dad or other beloved adult during our Yoga For Moms, Yoga for Parents, New Parent Support Group and Circle of Security Parenting classes (in their car seat, a blanket, or in one of our studio Bumbo chairs). Non-mobile babies are also encouraged to do yoga with mom, dad or otherwise at Yoga For Us (Babies) where they’ll spend time in your arms or watching you do yoga as well receive the benefits of infant massage and yoga moves just for them (to enhance sleep, digestion, and flexibility)!


Which class can I bring my crawling baby to?


Crawling babies are welcome to attend Yoga For Us (Babies) and, depending on their age and independence, they might be able to join our Be-Free Time For Those Just Walking & Talking. This will be on a case by case basis, determined by Becca, our toddler yoga teacher.


What should my toddler or pre-k kids expect at Yoga For Young Kids?


At Yoga for Young Kids we offer kids the opportunity to explore their body through movement. We typically focus on 5-8 yoga poses for the day which are woven into a story format. The yoga portion of class is 15-20 minutes to accompany your kid’s attention span. You’ll be amazed by which poses they’ll remember. We spend 10-15 minutes doing a song circle followed by time for sensory play and a story.


Do my kids learn yoga in Be-Free Time for Those Just Walking & Talking?


Be-Free Time is for kids ages 1.5-3 who are just learning to walk, talk and socialize. Unless the group is on the older-end of the age range we typically don’t do songs and yoga. Instead we focus on building skills like socializing, sharing, using/finding words and expressing feelings.


What does the drop-off process for Be-Free Time (ages 1.5-3) and Yoga for Young Kids (ages 2.5-5) look like?


We love your kids knowing they are safe and you’re thinking about them just as much as they are thinking about you. That’s why we always encourage parents/caregivers to show their little ones where they’ll be doing yoga and then take them to the little ones room to say goodbye. During goodbye we like parents to initiate it, let their kid know where they are going and when they’ll be back and give their kid a loving, confident hug and kiss. Read our blog article for tips on goodbyes and drop-offs.




Qs About Your Account


What’s the best way to sign up?


You can sign up ahead of time on our website. We also recommend downloading the wellnessliving Achieve mobile app, for even faster sign ups.


How do I add family members to my profile?


When logged into your our yoga account with wellnessliving on the computer:


Click ‘My Profile’


Then select ‘+ Family Member’


 When logged into your our yoga account on the Achieve mobile app:




How do I switch between user profiles for my family members?


Once signed into your account, on the web or app, in the upper right corner you’ll find a drop-down menu, here you can select “switch users” to switch between accounts and then sign yourself, your spouse, your children or anyone else linked to your account up for class under their name!


What happens if I don’t show up for class but I signed up?


We reserve the right to charge you $5. As we have limited space, we request 3 hour cancellation notice to not incur a fee and allow another family to take the spot. Please email ouryogafamily@gmail.com with any questions or last minute changes. We do understand that life happens.


What is the waitlist?


A waitlist is created when a class on the schedule has filled up the allotted spots. Our class maximums are based on the comfort of our customers and our teachers. When a waitlist is created that means class has filled-up and all spots are reserved. If put on the waitlist, you’ll be notified in order of placement of spots that open for class.


Can passes be shared?


Yes! Passes can be shared with any family member or even a friend with a separate profile. When you buy class passes, they are made available to family members on your profile (this can be changed as needed) and the studio can transfer passes between members.


Can I put my membership on-hold?


We understand that Life Happens; whether it is the birth of your baby, your whole family getting sick (for seemingly ever), an extra long family vacation or some other circumstance, we have your back and can put your monthly or annual membership on hold up to one time (and then after at Our Yoga’s discretion).




Qs About Getting To Class


Why should I sign up ahead of time?


It’s really nice to be able to simply show up and settle in. We all know how busy can things with a baby on your hip or a toddler at your feet! Also – we have limited capacity in both the Our Yoga Lavender Studio and The Fresh Air Studio. The Fresh Air Studio kids classes for children ages 1.5-5 years reach capacity at six or eight students, depending. Our Yoga For Us (babies) class is limited to eight adults (with their non-mobile to crawling babies). 


What happens if I signed up and have to cancel?


Our Yoga reserves the right to charge a $5 cancellation fee for any last minute cancellation. Please contact us for any questions. We typically charge when a late cancellation causes an at capacity class to not fill up or utilize the waitlist.


Where can I park?


Parking is available in-front of our building on Main Street, or on any spots that say 407 W Tenant or Visitor Parking. These are alongside the building (on the west side), and behind the building. Parking is not permitted at Bamboo Garden or on the east side of the building.


How do I get to the entrance of Our Yoga?


We are located at 407 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59178. Our entrance is located directly off Main St, next to LC Staffing and directly across from the Willson School. Enter on the first floor off Main St and find our studio rooms directly up the stairs on the second floor.




Qs About The Studio


What’s the breastfeeding policy?


DUH! Go ahead & breastfeed (or bottle feed)! During class, before class, after class, using yoga props, in one of our comfy chairs or one the floor… Whatever you and baby need is exactly what we are here to offer.


Feel free to step out of class as needed, ask for help getting comfy in a position while holding your baby or feeding, and really just make the space comfortable for the two of you.


What is the bathroom situation?


We have 2 shared bathrooms located down the hall from our studios. The larger bathroom includes a changing table, diaper genie and kid’s step stool for your family’s convenience.


What is the sick policy?

If you or your child are not feeling well or have a fever,  please do not come to class. We ask that you wait to come back to class until AFTER 24 HRS of being symptom free. Please email us if you have to cancel after the cancellation window and know we wish you well!

Example of Symptoms: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, persistent sneezing/runny nose,  severe cough, unusual rash or head lice

Our teachers follow the same rules.



Qs About Yoga For Your Body & Family


When should I start doing yoga after giving birth?


This will really vary person to person. Of course, the technical rule of thumb is after your physician approval at your 6 week check up. We like to think it’s more whenever you and your baby are comfortable getting up and out of the house. We love to work with women in their individual needs, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about what and when would be right for you & your baby.


Another option is to schedule a one-on-one postpartum yoga class with Jess, our women’s health yoga insturctor. Please email us for more details & info.


How should I consider changing my yoga practice during pregnancy?


Our goal at Our Yoga is to get people into their bodies & out of their heads! So much of this is taking the time to tune in and ask what your individual body needs or wants, especially during pregnancy.


That being said, we recommend during pregnancy you avoid: holding your breath for long periods (retentions); rapid breath exercises (breath of fire/ kapalabhati); deep twists (try to twist from the ribs up, with plenty of space for the hips, and space to breathe into the belly); deep backbends (to avoid too much pressure on the low back & abs); and in general planks and anything resembling a crunch or a sit up after about 20 weeks (again to avoid too much pressure on the low back & abs).


How should I consider changing my yoga practice after giving birth? 

Be gentle on yourself. Start slowly. We highly recommend seeing a women’s health Physical Therapist at least once (feel free to ask us for referrals). Twists are great for helping abdominal separation heal. In general, you’ll still want to avoid anything that puts a lot of pressure on the abs or pelvic floor. Focus on diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor awareness, and just being open to what your body may need on any given day.



Qs About Our Other Offerings


What is Circle Of Security Parenting? 


Circle of Security Parenting or (COS-P) is an 8 class course that gives caretakers the tools necessary to create a meaningful, safe relationship with the kids in their life. The knowledge gained during this group course will help you take advantage of all the opportunities you have to show your kids you are there for them and give them the confidence that they can handle life and turn to you when needed. We try to rotate the 8 classes sessions day and times every couple of months. Please email us with questions or considerations!


How do I book a private event?


Thanks for asking! Please email ouryogafamily@gmail.com and let us know who you are, what are you hoping to host and when you’d like to schedule it. We’ll be happy to help make your celebration as magical as can be. We book birthdays, blessing ways, baby showers, bridal showers and much more.