Thanks For Your Help

We are so lucky to be part of an amazing and supportive community like Bozeman. We’ve had friends, family, students and others ask how they can help us and so we decided to create this page as a way of saying thank you to all the amazing resources we’ve been giving but to also let you know the latest ways in which you can help us help you at the studio or ways in which you can help the community!

We are so excited to be offering lots of yoga and mindful play to toddlers and little ones and we have many fun, Waldorf-inspired toys but we are also very interested in stocking our play shelves with the following items so the fun can go on and on (clickable links)

Grimms Flower Set

Grimms Mosaic Square 4×4 Wooden Blocks

Grimms Small Square Rainbow Blocks

Grimms Wooden Rainbow Sunset

Blue Balance Board (we have 2 and would love to get 4 more of these)

Jelly Cat Stuffed Animal Collection (we have 7 and we would love to provide home to 5 more stuffed animals)

Oh and we can't forget to mention our awesome partners

Our passions lie in helping parents, adults and children learn healthy life habits that will allow them to build strong relationships with themselves and each other. Our partners value similar ideals and work with families in our community to help create the village every family truly needs


Your Yoga is our namesake and sister studio who inspired us to bring affordable yoga to the whole family. Your Yoga has been “offer[ing] a diverse array of classes for “every body” in Bozeman for over nine years! We can’t wait to share their mission with people of all ages in and around the Bozeman Community



Rebecca is an Assistant Teacher with Merry Hearts where kids , “learn to interact cooperatively, to share toys and ideas and to clean up together… sing songs, construct with natural manipulatives …  [and] are surrounded by beautiful sights, sounds and textures”. We are partnering up to share some of their methods, experience and songs with the toddlers in our yoga classroom


“Our food is like our approach in life: honest, holistic, joyous and inspired by human connection. As fierce advocates for inclusion, we strive to provide respectful services to people from all walks of life and relish every opportunity to provide necessary support in our community.” We are working with The Thoughtful Kitchen to help offer the highest-quality healthy food at all Our Yoga events


Jessica has been a lead hiker with Roots’ Fresh Air Mamas, “a group that gets together to explore … trails … with no judgement and no expectations”. Roots Family Collaborative specifically helps “provide strong points of connection for families to feel acknowledged, heard and validated. […] paired with an incredible resource network of trained professionals…” We plan to offer shared events to bring families all the tools they need to succeed