Enjoy More Us Time

Our Yoga holds space for community-building activities like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, new parent groups and other experiences the whole family can enjoy. This Ohm Away From Home provides you the perfect setting to practice yoga all while your kids enjoy a little yoga and a lot of fun in the next room, at their separate time or with you!

Can You Imagine?

Walking into a space, with your two and a half year old and five year old in tow and as your eyes spot the wall colors you are immediately struck with a sense of excitement and calm. You all enter a space that is bright, warm and inviting; a place to take a deep breath and feel at home; where plants and some unique and thoughtful items catch your eyes around the room. You take your shoes off at the top of the stairs and then hang your coats on stylish hooks starting at your eye level and your littlest’s eye level in the coat room

A soft carpet cushions your feet as you all walk to the check-in counter. During check-in you feel welcomed and safe, you are offered freshly steeped tea and water, and are encouraged to take your little one(s) to the restroom down the hall. Your little one(s) then run across the entry room to grab and roll out their mat(s) on their own , because they’ve done it a thousand times. You give them a big hug and kiss, guide them over to the yoga teacher and tell them to have a good class

You then walk across the lobby to the adult studio room for your Yoga for Moms class. After class, you leave the adult studio and hear the general sound of Ohm coming from the children’s yoga room. You find your little one(s) sitting still trying to keep their eyes closed. Your babe(s) burst into laughter and smiles when you enter the room and everyone reunites with hugs

Mats have already been cleaned up during class, so you just get to sit and relax with each other, enjoy tea and socialize in the kid’s room or on our patio. You chat with other moms and watch your children play with Our Yoga Toys, as long as they ask nicely and pick them up before leaving. Everyone knows the rules; it’s a community; we look out for each other and when the next class starts in 30+ minutes you and some other families move your peaceful fun to the Emerson Lawn or the Co-Op down the street 

So What's A Sister Studio Anyway?

Your Yoga in downtown Bozeman inspired Our Yoga with its mission to make giving, getting and enjoying yoga easily. As a sister brand, we are adding to their mission by adding new yoga class offerings to Bozeman’s growing families. Together we promise to keep giving you the yoga you love as often as you deserve

Make Yoga Accessible To The Whole Family | the mission of Our Yoga

Bring Yoga To Everyone | the original mission of Your Yoga

There are so many fulfilling and beneficial reasons to breathing deeply and doing the strengthen, lengthen and soothing postures of yoga, we can’t wait to share them all with you!     

Here are some, to name a few…

Yoga For Kids

Feel Great In Mind & Body

Learn about self-acceptance

Develop spatial skills

Aid other sports & activities

Make calming techniques habits

Build patience and a sense of ease

Enjoy & learn ways of self-care

Build confidence and courage

Yoga For Adults

Find new flexibility

Increase your strength

Gain new physical/mental energy

Learn to breathe more deeply

Improve your focus

Prevent injuries in sports

Improve your flexibility

Know your self-worth

Yoga For Teens

Improve fitness level

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve optimism and mood

Enhance focus and concentration

Gain high self-esteem

Find a positive body image

Encourage your creativity

Develop discipline

Yoga For Expecting Moms

Learn how to relieve anxiety

Hug your babe(s) & bond

Improve your quality of sleep

Feel out the best poses for you

Help dissolve back pain

Find patience in this busy time

Sense your hormonal changes

Choose what is right you & baby


Our Yoga offers community and safety for all people and birthers regardless of gender identity, age, sexuality, how you birth or how you feed baby