Enjoy More Us Time

Our Yoga Family is the sanctuary parents never knew they needed.


Through our full spectrum of family options, your yoga practice can grow with you + your family. Step into a period of self-inquiry and self-discovery during this massive transition that is pregnancy into parenthood and enrich the postpartum period in a way that will shape you and your family forever.


The team at Our Yoga Family will be your guide—showing you how YOU are your own best healer. We will educate you on the choices in front of you, lighten the load you carry, and instill a sense of camaraderie within you. We’re in this together.


A practice at Our Yoga Family is your support system. A safe space for your kids to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. And lastly, a haven where you can feel seen, heard, and be taken care of so that you can take the best care of your family

There are so many fulfilling and beneficial reasons to breathing deeply and doing the strengthen, lengthen and soothing postures of yoga, we can’t wait to share them all with you!     

Here are some, to name a few…

Kids Yoga

Feel Great In Mind & Body

Learn about self-acceptance

Develop spatial skills

Aid other sports & activities

Make calming techniques habits

Build patience and a sense of ease

Enjoy & learn ways of self-care

Build confidence and courage

All Levels Yoga

Find new flexibility

Increase your strength

Gain new physical/mental energy

Learn to breathe more deeply

Improve your focus

Prevent injuries in sports

Improve your flexibility

Know your self-worth

Family Yoga

Create special bonds

Share new skills

Improve optimism and mood

Enhance focus + concentration

Share moments of joy

Relax as a family

Encourage eachother’s creativity

Help eachother

Prenatal Yoga

Learn how to relieve anxiety

Hug your babe(s) & bond

Improve your quality of sleep

Feel out the best poses for you

Help dissolve back pain

Find patience in this busy time

Sense your hormonal changes

Choose what is right you & baby


Our Yoga Family offers community and safety for all people and birthers regardless of gender identity, age, sexuality, how you birth or how you feed baby