Your Home Away From Home

Welcome home. Grab a bolster + get ready to relax.

Our Address

We are located at 407 W Main Street on the second floor

Our Entrance

Our entrance is located directly on Main Street. After entering from Main, take the stairs up to the second floor where you will walk into our check-in area. We do not encourage bringing a stroller to our space, but we do have room for one or two downstairs on a first come first serve basis. You can also bring a bike lock and lock your stroller to one of the many bike racks along the building

Parking At Our Studio

Parking can be found easily on Main street or Mendenhall street
We also have a few one hour spaces available behind our building with access via either Main or Mendenhall (or the back alley)

Our Studios

The Check-in Room
As you first enter our studio you’ll immediately notice the most well-lit room in our space to the south – the check-in room. Our front room with balcony is not only our children’s exploration space but also serves as the main area where our yoga community gathers, drinks tea and relaxes. We have cozy cushions, seating and a bench as well as options to gather on the patio when the weather allows before and after class.


The Kids Studio

Across from check-in is our Kids Studio room. This room offers exploration for children in all the senses. They’ll enjoy bright colors, soft and smooth textures, wooden blocks, balance boards, jellycat stuffed animals and waldorf-inspired items around the room. In addition to fun and excitement, our children’s room offers a cozy area for little ones to be quiet or by themselves when needed


The Adult Studio
Our main studio room is across the hall, east of check-in. In this room, you’ll enjoy beautiful sunlight, greenery + all the yoga props you could need. Wood floors offer solid support below. We keep the room at a comfortable 70 degrees so all ages can enjoy the space. Here you’ll find our Hugger Mugger bolsters, blocks, yoga straps, blankets and mat cleaner. If you need to rent a mat you can at check-in.

Our Facilities & Restrooms

Our Yoga Family is located in a shared space. Our restrooms are shared with other small businesses and are located outside of the Our Yoga Family Studio space, down the hall. Both the bathrooms and our studio are well signed throughout the halls, so don’t worry you’ll find your way there and back. However, because of the shared use of our stairwell and these restrooms down the hall, we have a few extra rules at Our Yoga Family:

– When walking to, from and if in line or using the restrooms we request you limit talking and other noise
– Kids attending all pre-kinder and under classes (ages 0-5) must be accompanied to the restroom by a legal guardian who is attending their adult yoga class. We encourage all guardians to take their little one(s) in this age group to the restroom before class starts
– An Our Yoga Family staff will be available during all elementary and classes to assist as needed locating the bathroom or yoga studio