at The Bozeman Beach

At Every 90+min Class You Get…


Paddle Board 101

Learn the basics of paddleboarding, about our yoga specific SUPs, as well as how to launch & stay balanced on water

Time To Paddle

 Get 15min or more to practice your new paddleboard skills + get comfy on the water

Yoga On The Water

Enjoy 45min(+) of yoga on the water, practicing poses for all levels, followed by a long guided relaxation period

What is SUP Yoga?

SUP, or Stand Up Paddleboarding, is a great way to get out on the water, in peaceful bliss, away from all distractions (who couldn’t use that?). We combine this water sport with Yoga to provide you a revitalizing experience that will be sure to energize your senses.

At SUP Yoga we provide the equipment, know-how & relaxation. You just have to come with a little enthusiasm & clothes you’re okay to get wet. Trust us, balancing on these boards while doing yoga – even on your knees – will take your yoga practice & savasana/relaxation to a whole new level.

Learn about some more benefits & read Why Everyone Should Try SUP Yoga.

Why Our Teachers Love SUP 

Jessica Cartwright

“Practicing yoga on a paddleboard brings a smile to my face in a whole new way. I love the challenge, the newness, and most of all being in nature. It really elevates my sense of fun & relaxation. A win!”

Becca Covington

“I love SUP yoga for whole body experience during Savasana. Lie back, rock with the water, feel held by the board, absorb the clouds & never ending blue sky above, hear the waves gently lap at your board. It’s pure bliss.”

Deneen Pancari

“SUP yoga gives us access to another level of nature. Just sitting on the board and breathing deeply is delightful. SUP yoga can take all of the progress we make on our mats and completely alter our balance, strength, & fear.”


Weekly SUP Yoga (ages 18+)

at The Bozeman Beach | Glen Lake Rotary Park  

Friday’s  330pm + 530pm

4 Fridays in a row

July 9th, 16th, 23rd, + 30th

We are so excited to be able to offer SUP Yoga in Bozeman this summer, thanks to Madison River Tubing. We will be using SOL Paddle Boards which are specifically made for practicing yoga on. These boards are made in Colorado, they feel pretty dang grippy like a yoga mat & were designed to be extra stable on the water. Paddle is also include as well as life jackets, which must be on-board.

New to the idea of stand up paddleboard yoga? You’re in the right place!

The Our Yoga SUP yoga classes are designed to get you feeling confident and comfortable on the water. If you feel nervous read The Top SUP Yoga Myths Busted.

What do I need to bring: clothes you’re comfortable getting wet (including water shoes or flip flops) reusable water bottle &  that’s it! (we always suggest applying a natural or reef-safe sunscreen ahead of time & bring a towel in your car for after).

What equipment will be provided? Our Yoga is Partnering with Madison River Tubing for our SUP supplies; including your SUP yoga board, your Paddle & a life jacket (that will be attached to your board, & is optional to wear)

What do I do with my keys? It you have a dry sack feel free to bring it or place them in the instructors dry sack.

Should I bring a phone or camera? We encourage you to just enjoy the moment & let us take the pictures! But if you’re comfortable bringing your phone on the water, feel free to.

Won’t my board just float around? No! Once we’ve paddled over to our yoga spot (about 10min away), everyone will be anchored in. So you can simply enjoy your practice & relax!

What if I’m worried about falling in? We want everyone coming to have a certain amount of confidence on the water. We usually encourage people to get their feet  wet (and whole body if they want) right away so that they’re not worried about it the whole time! That being said, every class has a 15min SUP 101 class with questions & if you feel more confident on your knees while paddling the whole class, that is always available. We will also give lots of modifications so everyone will start together and as students get more confident we’ll give optiosn for them to move on. Some people are more comfortable staying seated or kneeling, as opposed to standing, and that is A-OK by us! We’ll meet you where you’re at. The goal is to learn, feel confident & safe, and have fun. Just lying in savansana is total bliss.

Can I use my own Paddleboard? We highly encourage you to use one of our yoga specific SUP boards. They really do make all the difference! All you have to do is show up. If you’re set on bringing your own, please contact us directly. The price of the class is the same also, so we’d love for you to let us take on the hardest part of set-up and take down.

What will class be like? Class will be intimate with just 5 students per class / teacher. We’ll start with paddleboard 101 on shore, then take 10min to practice paddling and get to our anchor spot. Once at our anchor spot, the teacher will help anchor everyone so you are in a row. The teacher will be in front of class directing and keeping their eyes on every student to get extra instructions as needed. We’ll start with a breath practice in a comfortable seat and eventually make our way to hands and knees. Just being on your knees will test your balance. For some downward dog might be a peak pose, for others low lunge and for some warrior II. The teacher will guide students slowly and offer options for students as they are ready to challenge themselves.

What happens if I sign-up and then the weather isn’t looking good?  We don’t like to take anyone out on the water if the winds are above 7mph. Our focus is on an enjoyable, relaxing experience for everyone that challenges them just enough. So with that in mind, we will cancel any SUP yoga class, camp or workshop if the wind is too high or if the weather/water is too cold or unsafe. We’ll email you the night before class if we feel concerned about the weather and we will cancel class with up to two hours notice the day of if we need to and allow you to reschedule.