Meet Our Team

About Jess





Jessica is mother to 6 year old daughter, Bella (Our Yoga Family’s youngest yoga instructor). She is a yoga teacher of 12+ years who has been specializing in prenatal + postpartum yoga since 2015. 

For the last 5 years she has been even more deeply involved in Bozeman’s birthing community as a birth doula. She loves empowering expecting parents through all aspects of parenthood, while helping them stay true to themselves.

She enjoys yoga for its ability to support a person through any stage of life + meet people where they’re at.  Her specialty is creating community in class while still supporting the individuals. Jess considers yoga to be a lifeline, as every day parenting can be such a joy + a struggle. Yoga is the relationship one has to one’s self, it is what brings us back home again.


About Becca




Becca is a yoga instructor for adults + children who jokes she “became a yoga teacher out of neccessity.” She enjoys being in + creating an environment that nurtures one’s spirit, body + mind; also, let’s be honest – it’s hard to commit to a regular yoga practice without some incentive! 

She thrives helping families enjoy moments of shared connection with each other as well as time apart that feels good. When Our Yoga was conceived, she sought to create a studio space that truly felt family friendly + had two studio rooms so families could come do yoga separate or together; either way leaving more centered + relaxed.

Once a preschool teacher, Becca, brings these skills along with her COS-P experience to her yoga classes for kids ages 18 months+ to help little ones & parents feel confident & comforted.  She is fulfilled helping toddlers + adults discover a healthy relationship with their body. 

About Shannon


Shannon discovered yoga when she worked at a YMCA in Pennsylvania at age 15. There for the first time she felt herself tuning in to the mind/body connection + discovered spirituality in a whole new way.

In her 20s she dove deep into her practice. She was working through a lot of past trauma – her mat became her sanctuary. Yoga brought her back to herself; connecting her mind, body + soul.

At 27, while she was immersed in a teacher training in Bozeman, she found out she was pregnant! This news sparked a whole new connection to her practice. She desired to make the transition into parenthood empowering for herself + all expecting parents.

What surprised her most while doing prenatal yoga, is that she felt more in tune with herself in her pregnant body than she had ever felt before.

It now lights her up to see pregnant people or new parents feel supported in their bodies + with community. She is thrilled to  be a part of this journey with others by creating a space where parents can come connect with their babies, other parents, + heal together.

About Deneen


In the last 15 years, Deneen has had a variety of experiences working with children ages 0-18. During her college internship working with teenagers living in a group home, she assisted with their homework, social skills, + behavior therapies which really sparked her interest in yoga. She has been doing as many teacher trainings as she can ever since. 

Deneen moved to Bozeman over 8 years ago when she came to volunteer with AmeriCorps and work for non-profits like the Children’s Museum. There she developed program curriculum for PIR camps + created content for a preschool nutrition program.

She transitioned from non-profit organizations to preschool classrooms with a focus on movement + play based learning, and child led curriculum where she is also able to teach yoga.

She has taught kids yoga for 7 years in studio and has been at Our Yoga since we opened our doors in 2019. 

About Elysa



My journey into yoga began while attending my first class in high school. I traveled to Rishikesh, India in 2014 to earn my 200-hour in yoga and meditation. Since then I have taught over 1,000 hours in studios across Hawai’i and Bozeman.

I strongly believe, along with researchers and renown teachers across various healing professions, that our nervous system is the key to tapping into the profound and innate healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Over the past several years I have taken a deep dive into styles that support nervous system health and create resiliency to stress and trauma.  While living in Costa Rica, I studied Restorative Yoga and Breathwork, and later studied Yoga Nidra with another teacher from India.

In 2019, I began a three-year professional training in Somatic Experiencing (SE).  I interweave SE techniques to support the nervous system into my teachings and love to create opportunities for deep relaxation, healing and a greater connection to self, family and the world.

About Mary Alice


I have worked in the realm of early childhood for 5+ years.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech in 2017. Ever since I graduated, I have ran with my passion for teaching children and dedicated my time to their education in several different ways.

I have been the assistant teacher at Merry Hearts Waldorf Nature School as well as a preschool Lead Teacher at Zoot Adventure Learning Academy and The Wildflower School. 

I grew up in Virginia and made the most amazing choice to move to Bozeman in June of 2019. I absolutely love nature and being outside every chance I get. Whenever possible I bring along my dog, Goose, on all my many wonderful adventures. To my core, I believe in the importance of true kindness, love + compassion.

Let Us Take Care Of You

At Our Yoga Family it is our goal to make your family feel welcomed as your are.

So yes, if you are 5 min late to class because you just couldn’t get your child in their car seat + buckled in a timely fashion, THAT IS OKAY.

And yes, if you are 39 weeks pregnant, hoping baby comes any moment but still want to come to prenatal yoga + it’s taking you longer to waddle-walk in, THAT IS OKAY too.

Email us with any questions at