Being a new parent is quite the ride. Full of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows.

Our society tends to showcase parenthood in one way, while experiencing it involves so much more & isn’t one size fits all. To be honest, becoming a parent often feels really, really lonely. The best way we’ve found to get through the postpartum or new parent period is finding sacred space to nourish your mind, body and emotions with community.

Being around others who are going through it too feels like such a breath of fresh air. You realize you aren’t alone. You get to feel seen & heard as well as discover where your natural gifts as a parent shine. You’ll learn why & where it’s important to lean on the support & wisdom of others.

We teach parents how to move, breathe, relax & find their strength while catering to each body’s unique postpartum healing in mind.


Our classes will not only teach you how to reconnect with your core, pelvic floor, and changing body, they’ll also help you feel more at ease as you transition through matrescence (similar to adolescence, when our bodies are changing, our hormones are wild, and everything feels a bit more intense).

Oh, and we’ll of course include lots of yummy chest, neck & upper back openers because what new parent doesn’t feel tight from holding a tiny human the majority of the day?

You are doing great, mama. And we are here to make sure you not only know it, but feel it. Let us support you while you support the ones you love.  

Baby Yoga_Shannon Our Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions


When should I start my yoga practice postpartum?

We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks postpartum - once you’ve had your 6-week check-up, the bleeding has stopped & you feel ready to leave the house after your postpartum pause. If you had a C-Section wait until you’ve been cleared by your provider. We also highly recommend seeing a women’s health physical therapist to help reconnect with your pelvic floor & core after the baby. We’re happy to connect with you to help your transition back into movement feel right, so please be in touch if you have any questions. It’s what we’re trained for!

Can I bring my baby to class with me?

Babies are welcome in any yoga class for moms, baby yoga, and postpartum yoga classes. Not sure? Just ask! We encourage you to bring your little one, or take a step away and join us for a well-deserved break solo. We’re here to meet you and your family where you’re at.

What’s the difference between baby yoga & postpartum yoga?

In postpartum yoga, we focus on the parent. It’s a full yoga practice adapting to the needs of your postpartum body. Babies are welcome or you can come alone. For baby yoga, babies are a part of the fun! Here we’re learning healthy movement for baby, and they’re seeing you take care of yourself. It’s such a sweet class to share and bond together!

Is it always this hard?

Maybe mom’ing has felt really natural for you. But if not, you are SO not alone. Sign up for our resource at the bottom of this page, storytelling can be so powerful in knowing others have been and are going through what you’re feeling too, and we like to share real deal stories too. And come to class, share how you’re really feeling and doing, and feel supported in knowing others are in it too. And it really does get easier, in terms of the toll on your physical body and sleep. Just keep breathing, listening, and showing up. You are doing an amazing job.

What does it look like to have my baby in class with me?

We encourage you to bring a favorite blanket for your baby. From there it’s really up to you! Bring your car seat in, borrow a bumbo when your baby is sitting up & feeling active, or bring your baby wrap. Baby will be right next to or at the top of your mat, sleeping when they are asleep, exploring you & the room with their eyes when they are awake. Take time to attend to your baby as you need, this practice isn’t about getting everything in - it’s about showing yourself & your baby you care about your health, body & mind. This includes feeding when and as needed, using our changing station in the bathroom, and just generally letting Our Yoga be your home away from home.

Do you have classes I can do at home?

We do! We are really proud of the baby yoga and postpartum classes we have on Our Yoga Family Online, our on-demand yoga streaming service. They are such great intros back into movement, vary in length, and can be done anytime anywhere. We also have short and sweet infant massage videos on there to assist in digestion and sleep. Just search for Our Yoga Family Online on our website to check out our online membership options. Sign up and get instant access today!