The Complete Postpartum Package


Have Baby

be amazed at how your body knows what to do! Then contact our coordinator, Becca. She’ll be your hotline to our services, coordinating visits and taking care of any scheduling needs & concerns

Get Fed

enjoy a specialized postpartum meal and snack plan specifically made to help your body heal and enjoy meals for the whole family. Allergy friendly and delivered weekly

Meet Your Postpartum Doula

get everything taken care of by your doula so you can sleep, shower, learn about newborn care, or just relax and heal your body

Enjoy Being Pampered

feel blissful & bonded with a mom and baby skin-to-skin massage. Also learn infant massage to help your baby digest and sleep better

Be Empowered

see Jessica for your private, women’s health informed, yoga session. Find tailored ways to safely engage your core & pelvic floor, relax in all the right ways, and come back to healthy movement

Meet Your Parenting Community

enjoy your class passes to Our Yoga, practice yoga & receive community support. You can bring your baby to any of these classes: Yoga for Moms, Yoga for Us (babies), New Parent Support Group

“You only have 2 jobs during the first six weeks postpartum: falling in love with your baby and learning to breastfeed.”

The Plan

We believe in postpartum moms receiving the support they need, so that they can focus on healing their body & bonding with baby during this joyous yet trying time.

Our Yoga has brought together experienced women’s professionals and the catered services you’ll need for your body’s recovery. Our team will work hard to make sure you feel taken care of, nourished and supported: an emotional, physical and mental support line for you & your baby.

We know what it’s like to recover from birth and take on the responsibility of caring for a little one. Becoming a parent can be overwhelming.

It’s not always straightforward on when or how your postpartum journey is going to start, so remember this plan is ready to be tailored to your postpartum timeline.




rested &



your body’s



"I gave birth 3 weeks ago ...


…and the support and care that I feel from the postpartum care package from Our Yoga cannot be overstated…


Thank you for putting this package together. I would hope and recommend every person having a baby could give themselves this gift!” ~ Clara W.

Meet Your Team

About Jessica


Jessica is a mother to a beautiful & precocious 3.5 year old, Bella. She is a yoga teacher of 10+ years and has been specializing in prenatal and postpartum yoga for 4+ years. She has been a birth doula for a little over 2 years and loves empowering women through all aspects of becoming a mother, while staying true to yourself.

She loves yoga for its ability to support a person through any stage of life and meet people where they’re at.  Jessica considers yoga to be a lifeline, as every day mothering can be such a joy and a struggle. Yoga represents the relationship one has to his or herself, and is what brings us back home. 

Jessica strongly encourages all moms to consult with a women’s health physical therapist after birth. She is happy to help facilitate this, and will work with your PT to incorporate their plan into your one on one yoga.


About Stephanie


Stephanie is mom to three older teenagers, yoga lover, potter, and postpartum doula who is ready to infuse your home with calming nourishment for the heart and soul.

As a postpartum doula, Stephanie will come to your home and take care of whatever your needs may be for that day, whether it be newborn care, new parent questions, light housework, and just making sure everyone feels taken care of and happy in their home. No need to clean or “get ready” for her visit; be as you are an enjoy the company of the maternal figure you need right then and there.

Stephanie’s experience in and appreciation for the unique postpartum time has fueled her passion to provide capable and compassionate care to all within that precious space. She believes that a nurtured mom is an empowered mom who can better and more deeply care for herself and her new baby or babies. The postpartum family deserves a special kind of attention and nurturing that Stephanie is so honored to provide to you.


About Whitney


Whitney is extremely passionate about helping other people and allowing others to step into their power and take back control of their body, mind and spirit. Whitney is certified in skin to skin mom and baby massage therapist, a birth doula, and a new mom.

 She was passionate about pregnancy and postpartum before she was pregnant but seeing the toll pregnancy and birth puts on the body, even after having a smooth natural birth, is intense.  The eye-opening experience of birth fuels Whitney’s passion as an Our Yoga prenatal and baby yoga instructor as well. And Whitney loves helping moms feel empowered in how to care for themselves and for their babies.


About Charlotte


Charlotte blends her passion for quality, wholesome and allergy friendly foods with education, community support and helping others.

With the recent addition of their baby girl, Josie, Charlotte’s diet has had its ups & downs. The desire for postpartum food support was not something she really felt comfortable asking of her friends as she has a ton of food restrictions! Plus, as a chef, she love’s cooking.

With her own digestive challenges during recovery, Charlotte has been motivated to learn how she could support others during such a time of hyper focus on a new skill; loving your baby! 

In hindsight, Charlotte wishes she had prepared more food and support in her own kitchen – more rich, warming foods to help her thrive while nourishing her “tiny nugget”!

She is excited to support growing families and provide a bit of relief; taking food off your mind.  She will ensure you have a fridge and freezer filled with recovery support food that is warming, comforting and nourishing (+meets your food allergy needs).




About Becca


Becca is a yoga instructor, preschool teacher, and entrepreneur who is excited to be a part of this amazing support system that The Complete Postpartum Packages offers.

Being a woman who’s body, brain and soul may one day take the adventure of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, she is ready to give what it takes to make you feel heard, cared for and nourished during your first 40 days postpartum and beyond. Becca is so excited to offer this level of support for families during one of their greatest times of need.




Let Us Take Care Of You

The First 40 Days & Beyond

“Ayurveda says 42 days for 42 years. In other words, how you’re cared for in those 42 days can set you up for a lifetime of great health and you can even heal prior lifelong illnesses during that liminal space because it’s such a transparent window. Special things happen in this window and when we are attending to those special things, the web of life flourishes.”

We have two Complete Postpartum Packages to Choose From:

the let me eat, sleep and love baby package 1

  • 5 weeks of postpartum recovery-focused meals, broths, soups and snacks delivered to your home weekly
  • 12 hours of postpartum doula visits
  • 10 classes at Our Yoga
  • (2) 75min+ private yoga sessions (building on your PT *)
  • 90min skin-to-skin mom & infant massage + 20min learning infant massage
  • The Our Yoga Postpartum Gift Basket


The Family & Friends Will Be Helping Package 2

  • 3 weeks of postpartum-focused broths & soups delivered frozen to be stored and used when desired as well as snacks
  • 6 hours of postpartum doula visits
  • 5 classes at Our Yoga
  • (2) 75min private yoga session (building on your PT*)
  • 60min skin-to-skin mom & infant massage + 10min learning infant massage
  • The Our Yoga Postpartum Gift Basket

* we strongly encourage all moms to see a women’s health physical therapist. we’ll work with who you have, or we’ll help you find one*

A Meal Plan This Good Will Have You Trying to Get Pregnant Again

Our Yoga teamed up with The Thoughtful Kitchen to bring you week by week food, snacks and broths that were designed to help your body heal, your milk supply blossom, your uterus shrink and your mind stay at ease. We have two meal plan options geared for you to start healing during the first several weeks. This meal plan is thought-out, designed by people who have given birth and then had to recover and based on tried and true meal suggestions including meal inspirations from one of our favorite postpartum resource books The First Forty Days!

each meal and snack is designed to help heal your body after giving birth

each week includes bone broths, soup, mother’s bowl, a fresh family meal and postpartum support snacks (with five week package)

food is delivered to your door weekly

all food items are made with organic and local products when possible
the menu is happily adjusted to fit your food allergies & tolerances

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the package start?

You decide which week after giving birth you’d like to receive each service including 3-5 week meal plan, 6-12 hours of doula care, 1 massage, 1-2 private yoga sessions and 5 Our Yoga class passes.


Remember that our meal plan was designed to heal your body and nurture milk supply in the following weeks after giving birth so we recommend it start within 1-3 weeks

Keep in mind when you’ll have family and friends helping out to schedule around the meal plan and doula services


We’ll facilitate connection to a Women’s Health Physical Therapist before your yoga sessions, so your practice will be PT-informed

Contact Becca @971.645.1438 with questions and schedule decisions


how do we schedule each service?

Becca will be your point of contact for everything related to everything schedule related so for any questions and decisions on what weeks and times you want each service, please contact her at 971.645.1438

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula provides you emotional, physical and informed educational material on parenting. Stephanie will not only bring you bomb herbal tea but she’ll also hold baby while you shower or sleep, clean your house, be a shoulder to cry on, walk your dog and provide you vital information every new parent should know.

What does it mean to have physical therapy informed yoga Sessions?

Jessica will connect with Shannon Sepulveda or your selected women’s health PT and adjust her session to meet your current PT needs. Jessica worked in a PT office and is passionate about bringing her knowledge and informed current PT needs into everyone’s postpartum journey.

Will you work with any women's physical therapist in town?

Absolutely! We have connections with many women’s physical therapists around town and would love to connect with yours. 

What if i have dietary restrictions?

Let Becca know and we’ll provide a substitute menu from The Thoughtful Kitchen. They are well versed in speciliazed diets and “With an expansive knowledge of gluten free, vegan, Paleo and allergy conscious cooking, we are your secret weapon in forging a new relationship with your food …”
Can my meals be delivered if i live outside of Bozeman?
We want every birther to feel supported and have access to an awesome selection of healing meals so for a small extra delivery fee we’ll deliver food outside of Bozeman.