Yoga + Ayurveda Women’s Retreat



at The Feathered Pipe Ranch | Helena, MT | June 17-19, 2021


3 Days Of Mindful Movement

Relax with evening yoga, wake-up with morning meditations, find mindful movement while hiking, enjoy the bliss of yoga on the water with stand-up paddle board yoga, ground with a.m. flow slow yoga. Feel energized yet relaxed.

Time For Yourself

Our schedule is padded to create downtime for you. Walk the peace gardens & labyrinth, canoe or paddle on the pond, enjoy your new Ayurvedic rituals, book an on-site massage, take some hammock time, nap, journal, breathe, unwind.

Healing Activities

We’ll be sprinkling in lots of new tools for creating ritual & anchoring in your life. We’ll create a group medicine wheel, enjoy the power of a fire ceremony for letting go + provide new tools for nourishment through Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga.


What To Expect

June 17-19, 2021

Join us at the renowned Feathered Pipe Ranch outside of Helena, Montana
for an immersive yoga + Ayurveda experience under the Big Sky.

It feels like a retreat is needed now more than ever, right? This is why we created something special for women to destress & unload after everything they’ve carried this past year.

Imagine delicious, healthy food. Waking up to guided meditations in the sunshine. Afternoons on the water for SUP yoga. Time for hammocks or massage. Long, leisure slow flow + restorative classes on the nature deck. And time for you to just do you.

The Feathered Pipe is somewhat of a yoga tradition. We’ll have access to a gorgeous indoors yoga shala as well as a brand new nature deck to use for our yoga needs. Props will be assigned to participants for the duration of the retreat + are sanitized beforehand.

Everything will be done on site, so there is no need to go back to your car once you’ve arrived.

Each activity will easily accommodate social distancing + we will be outside as much as possible.

Our schedule is also weather flexible, we’ll switch things up as needed to take advantage of the best weather.

Meet Your Retreat Guides

Jessica Cartwright

Jessica is co-owner of Our Yoga in Bozeman, Montana. In her decade+ of teaching yoga she has learned how to create a calming yet energizing class that takes into account the needs of each individual. She specializes in prenatal + postpartum yoga, restorative yoga, SUP yoga, energy healing and is an Ayurvedic Women’s Health specialist. Her background is in yoga retreats + she loves creating catered and crafted experiences doing yoga in nature.

Becca Covington

Becca is a yoga, Ayurveda & attachment-theory teacher as well as co-owner of Our Yoga in Bozeman, MT.  She specializes in alignment-based vinyasa yoga & mindfulness for both adults & children. Her current focus is creating safe, welcoming spaces that allow other’s the opportunity for self expression & reflection. She truly cherishes teaching self-awareness practices & routines that help other’s create joy in their day & relationships.

Deneen Pancari

Deneen is a yoga & mindfulness teacher in Bozeman, Mt. She has been teaching yoga for over 5 years and currently works at Our Yoga. Her specialities include guided meditations, kids yoga, stand-up paddle board yoga & restorative yoga. Her calm, grounding spirit is an unbeatable asset for an event like this journeying back to yourself.


Full Retreat Itinerary

Thursday, June 17th 

12pm Arrival Begins

1230-130pm Lunch* (at Dining Hall)

130-300pm Free Time + Last Arrival Time** 

330-530pm Welcome Ceremony + Evening Yoga 

6-7pm Dinner (at Dining Hall) 

Friday, June 18th 

730am Morning Meditation*

815-915am Breakfast (at Dining Hall)

930-1130am Hike + Medicine wheel 

12-1pm Lunch (at Dining Hall)**

130-3pm Group 1 SUP Yoga**

330-5pm Group 2 SUP Yoga**

530pm  Apps + Drinks

630pm Dinner (at Dining Hall)

8pm Fire Ceremony

Saturday, June 19th

730am Morning Meditation*

830-930am Breakfast (at Dining Hall)

9am Must be out of room

10-1130am Flow + Restore Yoga (on Nature Deck)

1145am-1230pm Lunch (at Dining Hall)

1245-145pm Closing Ceremonies (on Nature Deck)

2pm Departure

*optional activities

**great time to walk in the peace garden or labyrinth, canoe, hammock, get a massage (addt’ cost)

Click arrows to see all on-site accommodations!

Paddle Board Yoga_Woman_Sukhasana

Pick Your Package

*Private lodging is available upon request, prices vary. Options:

Chalet (1-2 people, shared or private bath)

Honeymoon Cabin (1-2 people, 1 bed, private bath) 

Lake Cabin (1-2 people, 2 beds, 2 private baths) 

Tell us asap if you are going with a friend & plan to share a room!

2021 Retreat FAQ

 rapidHow do I get to the Feathered Pipe Ranch The Ranch is 2 hours from Bozeman, located ~8 miles west of central Helena off of Highway 12. If you’re flying, an airport shuttle can be arranged to pick you up + drop you off in Helena. Or stay in Bozeman, rent a car, and enjoy a great drive to and from and a couple extra days stay! You’ll receive further details in your welcome packet, including information for air travel + driving.

What’s included? Accommodation (shared, unless upgraded); Thursday lunch, Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, lunch + dinner,  Saturday breakfast & lunch; snacks, coffee, tea, wine on Friday night; your personalized take-home bag of essentials to keep your new practices and rituals going (ie goodie bag); SUP yoga equipment; yoga props.

What’s extra? Private or upgraded accommodation, a massage appointment, any tip you’d like to leave for the ranch staff afterwards (we recommend $30-40 for this retreat duration).

Do I need yoga experience? We do recommend everyone has at least some experience with yoga beforehand. Be in touch with Our Yoga for suggestions on getting some familiarity with the yoga basics beforehand.

Do I need stand up paddleboard experience? Absolutely not! Our retreat guides are trained to teach you everything you need to know (please see SUP Yoga FAQ below for more info).

How strenuous is the vista hike? The hike is a 2 hour out and back excursion. Feel free to go at your own pace, you won’t be left behind! We have plenty of retreat guides to meet you where you’re at.

What do I need to bring? We will be in contact with all retreat participants regarding a packing list prior to the trip. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

What else should I know? The Feathered Pipe Ranch is requiring each guest provide proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 rapid test within 72hrs of arrival. Also, the ranch has limited cell service, so plan to be a little more out of service & in-tune with nature.

Stand up Paddleboard Yoga FAQ

New to the idea of stand up paddleboard yoga? You’re in the right place!

The Our Yoga SUP yoga classes are designed to get you feeling confident and comfortable on the water. If you feel nervous read The Top SUP Yoga Myths Busted.

What do I need to bring: clothes you’re comfortable getting wet (including water shoes or flip flops) reusable water bottle &  that’s it! (we always suggest applying a natural or reef-safe sunscreen ahead of time & bring a towel for after).

What equipment will be provided? Our Yoga is Partnering with Madison River Tubing for our SUP supplies; including your SUP yoga board, your Paddle & a life jacket (that will be attached to your board, & is optional to wear)

Should I bring a phone or camera? We encourage you to just enjoy the moment & let us take the pictures! But if you’re comfortable bringing your phone on the water, feel free to.

Won’t my board just float around? No! Once we’ve paddled over to our yoga spot (about 10min away), everyone will be anchored in. So you can simply enjoy your practice & relax!

What if I’m worried about falling in? We want everyone coming to have a certain amount of confidence on the water. We usually encourage people to get their feet  wet (and whole body if they want) right away so that they’re not worried about it the whole time! That being said, every class has a 15min SUP 101 class with questions & if you feel more confident on your knees while paddling the whole class, that is always available. We will also give lots of modifications so everyone will start together and as students get more confident we’ll give optiosn for them to move on. Some people are more comfortable staying seated or kneeling, as opposed to standing, and that is A-OK by us! We’ll meet you where you’re at. The goal is to learn, feel confident & safe, and have fun. Just lying in savansana is total bliss.

What will class be like? We’ll start with paddleboard 101 on shore, then take 10min to practice paddling and get to our anchor spot. Once at our anchor spot, the teacher will help anchor everyone so you are in a row. The teacher will be in front of class directing and keeping their eyes on every student to get extra instructions as needed. We’ll start with a breath practice in a comfortable seat and eventually make our way to hands and knees. Just being on your knees will test your balance. For some downward dog might be a peak pose, for others low lunge and for some warrior II. The teacher will guide students slowly and offer options for students as they are ready to challenge themselves.

What happens if the weather isn’t looking good?  We don’t like to take anyone out on the water if the winds are above 7mph. Our focus is on an enjoyable, relaxing experience for everyone that challenges them just enough. We can manage to stay drier if it’s cooler, and still have an incredible experience. But winds are trickier. Please also note that we will rearrange the schedule for the retreat as needed to optimize weather conditions.