Are you ready for some time away for self care where your toddler can still be in the next room with a caring adult that isn’t a babysitter or family? Or maybe you want your toddler to meet other kids while you are there to help?

Enjoy Time Together! During Toddler & Me Yoga class savor time bonding, practicing social manners & taking deep breaths.

Enjoy Time Apart!

We founded our company on the idea that a healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually) child starts with a healthy parent or two whom also have a support system. That’s one of the reasons we opened with the vision of parents doing yoga & the same time but separately than their child. So everyone can move, breath, socialize & relax.

Our Kids Yoga (ages 1.5-3) class at the same time as All Levels Yoga is a great way to spend time apart from your child in the next studio room.




This yoga class lets both of you explore how it can feel to be apart, practice a solid goodbye routine & also to see what it looks like coming together – after doing something special for yourself.


As parents & former preschooler teachers we know the toddler-stage can be challenging, demanding, tiring & simply confusing!


1. They can’t express & move through feelings on their own yet


2. They don’t know enough language to be clear all the time, but…


3. They know enough language so sound demanding


4. They haven’t practiced manners – thank you, please, excuse me, may I?


5. They don’t know physical boundaries – hitting, grabbing ,pushing…




Don’t trudge through the dirt alone. Let us & the Our Yoga Family Community help you.




We have family yoga (ages 1-5), Kids Yoga (ages 1.5-3) at the same time as all levels yoga for adults!

Once your toddler is older & ready for more independence they can join for a kids yoga (ages 3-8) yoga pod or sign-up for a kid’s yoga summer camp!

We’re here to support you all through it.

This studio is amazing for moms, but inclusive for all people.  Mommas can take class while their littles go into a separate room for their own class.  The teachers are all so supportive and talented.  The studio itself is beautiful, warm, and inviting.  I feel safe and supported there, and my toddler gets her energy out while also learning some basic yoga and meditation principles.  Win win!


This is such a beautiful yoga space! I was able to do Yoga for Moms while my toddler played in the next room. Arranging childcare not longer gets in the way of self-care.  I can’t wait to take more classes!


Frequently Asked Questions


How old can my toddler be to come to be-free time while I do yoga in the other room?

Ideally, your child has been walking for a bit & is interested in other kids - this doesn’t mean they have social skills. Toddlers around 18months might be more interested in time with other kids in a fun, play setting. Emphasis on the might, and also to note the might could have to do with it being with you there -  because kids might honestly not want to leave your side until they are 4 or 5 or 6 even! This usually isn’t realistic though, so if you’re needing to start practicing time apart, your child can walk on their own effectively & you’re feeling ready for it feel free to try it out!

Do I need to sign up my toddler up for class?

Yes. Each adult + child should register for class before coming or once on site. This excludes non-mobile babies attending All Levels Yoga or Baby Yoga classes. If it is your first OR your child’s first time coming to the studio try our Intro Family Membership to get unlimited yoga for just $85!

When can I bring my toddler to a family class?

Starting at 12months old! Or really whenever they are needing more than the crawl around & meet other toddlers + kids! Our Family Music + Movement class is great for the younger toddlers that are just starting to walk + learning how to use their voice. While our Family Yoga class is great for toddlers + preschoolers ready for a more physically challenging class. Both are a great opportunity to bond with your toddler!

What does the goodbye routine look like for “first time away moments?

If your child has never been away from your with strangers our Kids Yoga (ages 1.5-3) class is great way to trial it. Kids will have the chance to free-play and try yoga in our Kids Studio while you do yoga in the Adult Studio. We recommend showing them where you'll be and then taking them to their room and showing them around. One hug + a kiss with a goodbye wave is a great option for a goodbye routine. Whatever you do make sure to say "I will see you after. I always come back." Our teacher can you help you with this as well!