85hr Prenatal Yoga

Teacher Training



at Our Yoga Family

Bozeman, MT

April 3-9, 2022


Understand Pregnancy From Both A Western +Āyurvedic Perspective

One thing that makes our training unique is our use of Ayurveda philosophy to understand pregnancy. Yoga coupled with Ayurveda can help offer  comprehensive holistic lifestyle options for a healthy fertility, pregnancy + postpartum.

Learn To Modify Poses For Pregnancy + Common Ailments

Our manual extensively covers the benefits of Prenatal Yoga in pregnancy, how to modify poses for common ailments + how to cue class to confidently + safely get students in and out of yoga poses as well as from the ground to standing.

Learn Anatomy From a Women's Health Physical Therapist

 We believe understanding the physiological changes of the pregnant body is paramount to creating a supportive class. This can be an overlooked part in prenatal trainings but we intend to highlight it! It will take your teaching to the next level + deeply support you too.

Photo to encourage hands on support + counter pressure

Specialize in Hands-on Techniques, Pranayama + Asana That Are Useful In Pregnancy + Labor

 We’ll give you lots of hands-on training to learn counter-pressure techniques and gentle adjustments that will help the pregnant body feel oh so good! You’ll get to practice with trainees + feel it in your body.

Photo to encourage hands on support + counter pressure

Experience Prenatal Yoga + Teach It Live In-person With Pregnant Students!

By the fourth day of training you’ll be ready to start teaching the individual parts of a prenatal yoga class. We’ll invite trainees to student teach at least once during a live class with students in the room (trainees will be given a particular segment to teach).

Get Amazing Expert Advice From A Midwife + Fertility Specialist

 We want our prenatal yoga trainees to feel prepared for all the questions students might have. This is why we invited 2 special guests to answer questions, give knowledge + share their lived experience with the group.

What To Expect

April 3-9, 2022

Pregnancy is a time of a lot of change! We want to respect all that is changing in our students live’s during this time by giving them the confidence, lived experience + tools they can use to get them through the toughest days of pregnancy + hardest moments in labor, birth + eventually postpartum. This is why our 7 day, 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training focusing on learning three keys things:

1) what is going on physiologically, physically, mentally + spiritually during pregnancy to understand how asana + pranayama can support the mind + body

2) recommended lifestyle, postural + herbal remedies to relieve common pregnancy ailments

3)  how to create community during pregnancy to let your students feel seen, heard + find their new voice as a parent

We’ll be spending 7 days discovering Prenatal Yoga together in-person in Bozeman, MT this April. You’ll get our 150 page training manual and lots of hands-on experience during our week together. There will be plenty of opportunities in the training to ask questions + get help. On different days throughout the week, we’ll have other Prenatal Specialists joining us. We’ll also take a visit to Women’s Health Physical Therapy Office!

This training will be more than just learning! We want it to be about coming together, creating community and feeling nourished on the deepest levels possible. That’s why we’ll enjoy a special welcome circle, chances for intentions + reflections, and a closing ceremony + group lunch on Friday. 

This training will have a heavy emphasis on Ayurveda as well, as it pairs so beautifully with taking care of our divine feminine and nurturing our bodies during taxing times. This will provide more options for your students, a deeper understanding of yoga, and knowledge of Ayruveda that will personally help you to live a more balanced life, enjoying more ease, long term health + fulfillment.

In order to receive your certificate and become RPYT certified with Yoga Alliance, you will need to complete our in-person week together + 6 additional hours of Prenatal Yoga class outside of our time together, read our required materials, turn in our required homeworks + complete/pass our 1.5 hour final exam on the last day of our week together. 


Meet Your Teachers

Becca Covington, RPYT, E-RYT 200, Āyurvedic Women's Health Specialist

Becca is a Co-Founder of Our Yoga Family.  She specializes in Prenatal Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Kids Yoga. She received her 200hr YTT with Yoga Mazé (now The Mazé Method) + her 85hr RPYT certification with Prenatal Yoga Center. 

She has been teaching yoga and working with families for over 5 years in Bozeman, MT. She had her first experience as a doula + labor support person in 2021!

Since owning Our Yoga Family, Becca has seen the positive impact prenatal yoga can have for pregnant students. During her prenatal teacher training she was amazed to learn how the body changes as well as why asana + pranayama can be so helpful during pregnancy and how these practices could extend beyond the classroom and into a student’s labor, birth + postpartum experience.

As a teacher’s teacher, she is excited to offer in-depth knowledge that explores pregnancy + yoga from different viewpoints + through different means (trying it, feeling it, seeing it, teaching it, sharing it). Becca is a Virgo, so she really can’t wait to handout the manual, open to page 1 + get started!

Jessica Cartwright, RPYT, E-RYT 200, Āyurvedic Women's Health Specialist, Doula, Mother

Jess is Co-Founder of Our Yoga Family. In her decade+ of teaching yoga, she aims for every class to feel like a mini retreat. She specializes in prenatal + postpartum yoga, restorative yoga, energy healing, chakras and Ayurveda.

She particpiated in a Mystical Mama Training on the shores of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. There she learned wisdom from Mayan midwives, womb clearing, how to hold ceremonies + rituals to support wimyn, and what it is to facilitate space for others to learn these ancient tools. She also did a 105 hour Ayurveda for Women’s Health training through MamAyurveda.

Jess began teaching prenatal yoga when pregnant with her daughter, Bella, in 2015. She has interwoven honesty, vulnerability + strength in motherhood with all her offerings and feels community during these times of becoming a parent is essential to thriving. She loves to create safe spaces dedicated to mothers, kids and families and mentor teachers and students alike to hone their intuition and step into their queendom during these transformational times.

Megan Phillips PT, DPT, MTC, PRPC, Mom of 3

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Manual Therapist and Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner

Megan is a physical therapist with specializations in manual therapy and pelvic rehabilitation at Gabel PT + Wellness in Bozeman, MT.  

She also achieved her 200 hour yoga certification through Corepower Yoga and has taught yoga in different settings for several years.

She is also a wife,  a mom of 3 young kiddos, and a lover of fitness and the outdoors.

Plus Your Guest Lecturers

Jazmin Hieronymus, Certified Professional Midwife, Mom of 7 Wildlings

Owner of Frigg Birth + Wellness

I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family, as one of the most beautiful things about humanity. I am privileged to help families begin and continue their new

I started my journey in 2008 working with hundreds of families and have been honored to help almost 500 babies come Earthside.

My midwifery journey began when I was searching for compassionate evidence-based care. I discovered a void. During this time I came to believe a person is either part of the problem or part of the solution. I became a
Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and started a practice focusing on compassionate care in rural low-resource areas of the South. I helped write and work towards the legalization and licensure of CPM/DEM midwives in Alabama.

In 2015, I moved my family to the beautiful state of Montana. I spent 4 years providing birth center and home birth options to the families of Gallatin and Park Counties. I served as the Vice Chair of the Montana Board of Alternative Healthcare.

After 4 years of beautiful birth center work, I decided to return to my specialty and passion working in low-volume, family-centered care.

Dr. Rhianna Weaver DTCM, LAc, MSOM, Women's Reproductive Health Specialist, Mother

Owner of Big Sky Fertility Health + Wellness

Dr. Rhianna Weaver graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology with a minor in psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2010. She later earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado where she completed over 3000 hours of class training in both western and eastern medicine, and over 1000 hours of clinical experience treating both adults and children. She recently completed her Doctoral degree at Pacific College of Health and Science, where she worked with understanding and implementing research in integrative medicine.

Dr. Rhianna is experienced and excels at treating infertility, obstetrics, and the 4th trimester with acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapies. She also works extensively with IVF and IUI treatments using research based protocols.. She has had the honor of helping many women in Bozeman Montana, create the family of their dreams. In her free time she enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and swimming. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. You will always find a smile on her face, and a willingness to listen and understand with empathy and compassion.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our Teaching Methodology focuses on 7 key events during a yoga class to make our class safe, fun + personalized for the group that day!

The 7 key events in an Our Yoga Family Prenatal Yoga class are:

Connect – get to know each other

Tune-In – get to know yourself (+ your baby)

Empower – learn more about pregnancy

Warm-up – start moving with your breath

Flow – move your body + find stability

Cool-Down – enjoy release

Restore – settle in again + find deep relaxation

We’ve structured our time at the teacher training together based the 7 keys to Our Teaching Methodology.

prenatal yoga
prenatal yoga
prenatal yoga

Full Itinerary

Sunday, March 27th

Last day to register! Order books if you haven’t.

First day to start attending in-studio yoga classes (you’ll need 6 hrs outside of our week together, these can be with our studio or 4hrs can be with another studio)

Sunday, April 3rd

815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begin, Welcome Ceremony + Breath/Meditation Practice 

930am Yoga + Ayurveda Philosophy

1030am Prenatal Yoga Class

1130am Recap Class, Continue Yoga + Ayurveda Philosophy

1-2pm Lunch

2pm Background: Overview of Pregnancy + The Phases of Labor

4pm Prenatal Yoga Techniques + Training: Benefits + Contradictions of Prenatal Yoga

530pm Teaching Methodology: Overview + Flow (Sun Salutations)

730pm  Finish

MONDAY, April 4th 

815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begins, Teaching Methodology Warm-Up, Cool, Restore

10am  Jazmin, Midwife + Owner of Frigg Birth + Wellness, Guest Lecture

1-2pm Lunch

2pm Yoga Techniques for Pregnancy: Making Room For Baby

530pm Prenatal Yoga Class

630pm Recap Class, Prenatal Pranayama, Mudras + Meditation Techniques

730pm Finish


815am Arrival Begins

830am Anatomy with Megan Phillips, Doctor of Women’s Health Physical Therapy 

12-1pm Prenatal Yoga Class (Observation + Practicum)

1-2pm Lunch

2-630pm Anatomy With Megan continued

630pm  Restorative Prenatal Yoga (Practicum + Techniques)

730pm Finish


815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begin, Techniques + Methodology (1st, 2nd + 3rd Trimester Specific Considerations)

11am Techniques: Hands on Adjustments Training

1-2pm Lunch

2-530pm Techniques: Practice Sequencing + Cueing

530-630pm  Prenatal Yoga Class + Student Teach

630pm Recap + Student Teach Practice Hands On Adjustments

730pm Finish


815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begins, Techniques: Enhancing the Experience

9am Dr. Rhianna Weaver DTCM, LAc, MSOM, Guest Lecture (Acupressure)

11am Techniques: How to Adjust Class To Meet The Needs of The Room

12-1pm Prenatal Yoga Class + Student Teach

1-2pm Lunch

2-530pm Techniques: Focusing on Common Ailments

530-730pm  Student Teaching Focusing on Common Ailments


815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begins, Methodology – The Art of Holding Space (Connect + Tune In)

10am – Student Teaching Focusing on Connect + Tune In

1-2pm  GROUP Lunch

2-530pm  Techniques: How to Adjust Class to meet the needs of the room  + Understanding the ‘Empower’ methodology (through a creative expression activity)

530-730pm Student Teaching Focusing on Empower


815am Arrival Begins

830am Class Begin, Yoga Ethics


1130am Techniques: Use of Internal Thigh Rotation, Breech Baby

1-2pm Lunch

2-330pm Final Exam

330-530 Exam Recap, Discussion + Final Questions

530-730pm  Cacao + Intentions Ceremony, Graduation!


+7 Days In-Person with 150 page training manual (see itinerary above)

+2 Prenatal Yoga Teachers

+1 Anatomy Expert

+2 Prenatal Experts for Guest Lectures

+1 Visit to PT Office

+1 Group Lunch

+coffee, tea, snacks

Once you click through to the payment, you will see the option to pay a deposit, or pay in full.

We have payment plans available.

85hr Prenatal YTT FAQ

 How do I get to Our Yoga Family? We are located at 407 W Main St, Bozeman MT 59715

You can park on the side of the building in 407 W Tenant spots, or on Main St or Mendenhall (for 2hrs at a time). There are also neighborhoods to the north of our building.

If coming on 1-90 E, take exit 307. Turn right onto 7th Ave. Go ~1mi to Main street + Turn left then turn left on 5th ave or direclty into our parking lot next to Genuine Ice Cream.

If coming on 1-90 W, take exit 309.Merge onto Main Street. Go Through Downtown Bozeman, see Our Yoga Family on your right after 3rd ave, before 5th. Turn into parking lot next to Genuine Ice Cream, park on side of build or back of building.

What about lodging + meals? Lodging is not provided, nor are meals. Let us know if you need any help finding lodging in town or want suggestions. We are 2 blocks away from the Bozeman Co-Op, which has delicious dietary friendly options and walking distance to all Main Street has to offer. We will provide coffee, tea + snacks each day as well as A Group Lunch on Friday. Lunch will be at 1-2pm every day, you can leave the studio as desired at this time!

Do I need be a yoga teacher? We recommend this training for 200hr level certified yoga teachers as well as other fitness professionals. If you do not have your E-RYT 200 certificate, you are not eligible to receive your RPYT (registered prenatal yoga teacher) status.

How hard is the exam?  A the end of the training we will have a 90 minute exam to ensure you understand the content we’ve presented and can provide a safe, benefical + relaxing prenatal yoga class. This exam will include questions regarding the changes to the body during pregnancy, how to adjust poses to meet the needs of the body + common ailments pregnant people experience.

What do I need to bring? Please bring your yoga mat, props from home (if you’d like, or you can use yours), a journal, water bottle, mug for tea or coffee, your lunch (or go out to get it), as well as layers to stay warm + do yoga in.